How to Thread an Industrial Sewing Machine

Last Updated on March 15, 2020

How to Thread an Industrial Sewing Machine

There are two types of sewing machines- domestic and industrial. Industrial sewing machines are powerful and fast. On top, these are specialized sewing machines and not versatile like the domestic ones. Threading an industrial sewing machine is also different from threading the domestic ones. It is easy, but you have to know the steps. So, let us tell you what the steps you have to follow for threading an industrial sewing machine.

First Step: Choosing the Right Sized Bobbin

Take a bobbin that is suitable for your industrial machine. If the size doesn’t match, it is not going to work.

Second Step: Loading the Bobbin With the Thread

For stitching, you need a thread. So what you need to do is using the same thread you are using for top threading. There is a spool pin on the sewing machine. Put the thread on the spool pin. Take the thread through the top guide that is at the top of the machine. There is a thread guide at the rear bottom.

Take the thread through that guide. Then, through the tension disk there. Pull the thread a little. When you are sure that it is secure enough, then run it into the bobbin. Place the bobbin in the bobbin winder and secure it with the lever that is for engaging the winder.

There should be no needle or pressure foot in the machine when you are loading the bobbin with the thread. Now, press the foot pedal and run your sewing machine to wind the thread in the bobbin. You will know when you need to stop just looking at it. Cut the thread and take off the bobbin from the bobbin winder.

Third Step: Setting the Bobbin in the Bobbin Case and  Machine

First, you need to load the bobbin in the case. Now run through the thread into the groove of the bobbin case. Keep in mind that in an industrial sewing machine, thread always points towards the sewist. When you pull the thread, the bobbin will rotate anti-clockwise.

Now, time for putting the bobbin underneath the machine. Open the faceplate and see whether the thread is peeping through the hole. That hole-part must be at the top while fitting the bobbin in the machine.

Final Step: Threading the Sewing Machine

Again put the thread on the spool pin. The next step is to run it through one of the top thread guides. There must be quite a few. Thread guides are for slowing down the thread and maintaining a smooth flow.

After threading a few thread guides, bring it through the tension disk. Then, you have another couple of thread guides to run through. Finish threading them and finally take it through the needle eye. Put the thread between the pressure foot.

Now hold the thread. Then use the handwheel to lower and raise the take-up lever once. That step is going to create a loop, and you are going to get your bottom thread. Use a tool to pull the loop and keep it with the thread you were already holding. Now you have both the top and bottom thread.

It might seem complicated at first. But after doing it a few times, it will become easy. Remember, threading an industrial machine and domestic machine is not the same, rather opposite in some cases. So, when you are sewing with an industrial sewing machine, make sure you know how to do it.


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