How to Thread Sewing Machine for Beginner

Last Updated on March 29, 2020

How to Thread Sewing Machine for Beginner

Sewing is practicing for ages, and the sewing machines are here to make the sewing work easy for us. One of the most essential and challenging tasks for a sewing machine is threading. No matter what, without threading, you can’t use a sewing machine.

On a sewing machine, the first thing you need to do is threading the sewing machine. Threading varies from machine to machine. Here we’re dictating you some simple steps using them; you can thread almost all machines.

Fill the Bobbin

First, place the thread on the spool pin. You must ensure that the thread is going off the spool to the back (anticlockwise) of the machine. On your machine, there is a horizontal thread holder made of metal. To hold the spool pin on the thread holder, you must have a disc. Take the end of the thread and draw it through the bobbin thread; now take the bobbin and place it on the bobbin winder.

Put the thread through the bobbin hole to make sure it stays in its place. Don’t tighten the thread hold it loosely. Now push the winder right against the stripper. Press the foot pedal or on/off button to start the process of winding a bobbin. Stop the machine when the bobbin is full. Cut the thread. Separate the winding bobbin and set it aside.

Thread the Machine

Take the end of the thread brings it to the upper thread guide. Now pass that thread via the upper thread guide. The thread guide is a slivery piece on the top of the machine. Pull the thread backside of the guide and put it through U shaped guide, which is in front of the machine.

In the next step, pull the thread inside of the U shaped guide and make a loop using the thread around the tension disc. The tension disc locates on the bottom.

Now pull the thread back up to the top and put it through the second guide. That will make a U like shape with the ribbon. Now you have to pull the thread around the take-up lever. The take-up lever is on the top in touch with the second thread guide. On the side of the machine, there is a handwheel.

Turn the handwheel, and it’ll take up take-up the lever to its highest position. It takes up gear has a hole on the top of it. The fiber has to pass via the tunnel. After the action, it takes the thread down to the needle surface. Now the needle has a small hole on its bottom, put thread inside it. Pull out several inches of the thread through the needle.

Insert the Bobbin

There is a bobbin cover plate directly below the needle. Find the chamber and remove the bobbin cover plate. You’ll find a case to insert bobbin in that chamber. In some machines, there is also a cover on the bobbin case to remove the cover as well. After removal of the cover, you’ll find a slot for the bobbin. In that case, you need to put your threaded bobbin. The bobbin you threaded on the first step.

Before putting the bobbin it the case takes the end of the thread and unwinds several inches from the threaded bobbin. Now put the bobbin in the fact that you winded before. And the bobbin should be moving counter-clockwise.

Hold the thread tightly and move the handwheel. Handwheel will raise and lower the needle, and that’ll help the needle to catch the bobbin thread. Grab the yarn and pull out a few inches. Now put both threads on the back of the machine, and you’re ready to sewing.

Final Verdict

The above steps will help you to do the threading work. You can easily thread your machine by just following these steps. Threading the needle is a difficult task because the eye of the needle is so small. So you need to concentrate and practice threading the needle more and more. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful in case of threading your sewing machine.


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