How to Tie Dye with Bleach: Step by Step

Last Updated on December 17, 2023

Have you ever thought about giving your old, plain-colored sweatshirt a vibrant makeover? Well, you’re in for a treat!

Today, we’ll explore the fascinating world of tie-dyeing with bleach. Yes, you heard it right – bleach! Transforming the color of a dyed shirt into a masterpiece is not only easy but also yields fantastic results.

How to Tie Dye with Bleach


  • Discover the magic of turning plain sweatshirts into vibrant, personalized masterpieces using bleach.
  • You only need basic items like a sweatshirt, bleach, rubber bands, and a squirt bottle for a simple yet exciting project.
  • Easily tie your damp sweatshirt with rubber bands using a straightforward scrunching technique.
  • Keep things safe by protecting your workspace, generously applying bleach, and neutralizing with hydrogen peroxide for stunning, worry-free results.
  • After your bleach tie-dye is done, let your creativity shine by adding graphics or patterns, giving your garment a unique touch.
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How to Tie Dye with Bleach?

How to Tie Dye with Bleach

Transform your plain sweatshirt into a vibrant masterpiece by tie-dyeing with bleach. Scrunch and bind the wet sweatshirt, apply a one-to-one bleach-water mixture, wait 20 minutes, neutralize with hydrogen peroxide, rinse, and enjoy your customized creation!


Before diving into the exciting process of bleach tie-dyeing, gather the following materials:

  • Cotton or cotton-polyester blend sweatshirt
  • Bleach
  • Squirt bottle
  • Rubber bands
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Protective gloves
  • Plastic for surface protection
  • Plastic tub or container for working in

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  1. Wet the sweatshirt thoroughly, either in a sink or a tub.
  2. Wring out excess water and lay the damp sweatshirt on a flat surface.
  3. Employ a basic scrunching method by starting at the end of the sleeve and wrapping rubber bands around the fabric.
  4. Continue scrunching and binding the fabric until the entire sweatshirt forms a concentrated ball.

Step by Step Bleach Tie Dye

Get ready to unleash your creativity and breathe new life into your wardrobe.

Step 1: Protect Your Surface

Bleach Mixture
Bleach Mixture
  1. Lay out plastic to protect your working area.
  2. Place the rubber-banded sweatshirt into a plastic tub.
  3. Don gloves and prepare a bleach mixture of one part bleach to one part water in a squirt bottle.
  4. Apply the bleach mixture generously to cover the front, back, and sides of the sweatshirt.

Step 2: Bleaching Process

Bleaching Process
Bleaching Process
  1. Allow the sweatshirt to sit for approximately 20 minutes.
  2. Check the lightening progress, ensuring the desired color is achieved.

Step 3: Neutralize

  1. In a large bowl of water, create a solution with roughly 10 parts water to one part hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Submerge the entire sweatshirt in the solution to neutralize the bleach.
  3. After soaking, return the sweatshirt to the plastic tub, remove the rubber bands, and rinse it thoroughly.

Step 4: Final Touch

Bleach Tie Dye
Bleach Tie Dye
  1. Wash the sweatshirt either in the washing machine or by hand in the same tub, using a bit of dish soap.
  2. Wring out excess water and throw the sweatshirt in the dryer.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully bleach tie-dyed your sweatshirt. Now, let your creativity shine by customizing your creation.

Consider adding graphics using iron-on transfers or experimenting with different patterns. The possibilities are endless!

I hope this guide inspires you to try bleach tie-dyeing on your own. Don’t forget to share your creations, and enjoy your uniquely designed wardrobe!

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