How to Upload Image to Cricut – (Guide)

Last Updated on December 7, 2023

Crafting is not just a hobby; it’s a passion, and with the power of Cricut, we can elevate our creations to a whole new level.

Today, I’ve got a nifty tutorial for you on how to upload an image to cut using Cricut Design Space effortlessly.

I’m thrilled to guide you through a quick and easy tutorial on uploading images to cut in Cricut Design Space.

How to Upload Image to Cricut


  1. Find and save your image: Choose a personal-use image, like your favorite team’s logo, and save it to your computer.
  2. Upload to Cricut Design Space: Click “Upload,” select your image, and remove unnecessary parts to create a clean outline.
  3. Choose cut settings: Decide whether to save as a print and cut or a single-color cut image based on your project needs.
  4. Name and save: Give your project a name, add tags if desired, and save it for easy retrieval in the future.
  5. Insert and customize: Click your saved image, insert it into your canvas, and adjust the size to fit your project. Now, you’re all set to unleash your creativity!

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How to Upload Image to Cricut

How to Upload Image to Cricut

To upload an image to Cricut, find your desired image and save it to your computer. In Cricut Design Space, click “Upload,” select your image, remove unwanted parts, choose cut settings, and save. Then, insert the image into your canvas, adjust the size, and you’re ready to craft!

This comprehensive tutorial will simplify the procedure regardless of your level of experience as a craftsman.

So grab a seat, and let’s get started!

Finding an Image

Finding an Image
Finding an Image

The first step in this creative journey is to find the perfect image for your Cricut project. For me, being a die-hard Denver Broncos fan, it’s only fitting that I choose their iconic logo.

Head over to the “Images” section in Cricut Design Space, locate your desired image, and save it to your computer.

Remember, if you’re using licensed images, it’s crucial to stick to personal use and avoid selling anything made with them.

Uploading the Image

Uploading the Image
Uploading the Image

Now, let’s get that image into Cricut Design Space. Click on the “Upload” button at the bottom of the screen, choose “Upload Image,” and simply drag the image file you just downloaded. A preview will appear on the left side.

Next, select the type of image you want. In my case, I opted for a simple outline of the Denver Broncos logo.

Adjust the size if needed, and focus on the background – the blue and white checkered area represents the sections that won’t be cut.

Click inside the areas you want to remove, creating a clear outline. In my case, I removed the orange from the mane, the white of the body, and the orange eye. Once satisfied, hit “Continue.”

Customizing and Saving

Customizing and Saving
Customizing and Saving

Now you have two options: “Save as Print and Cut” or “Save as Cut Image.” Since I wanted a single-color cut, I chose the latter.

Give your project a name, add tags, and save it. This makes it easy to find later when searching through your saved images on Cricut Design Space.

Inserting the Image

Inserting the Image
Inserting the Image

Congratulations! You’ve successfully uploaded your image. To use it, click on the saved image, select “Insert Image,” and voila – it’s now on your canvas.

Resize it to your liking and tweak it to fit your project.

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How to Upload Image to Cricut with Layers?

To incorporate an image with layers into your design screen, select the image and click “Insert Images.” Layers in vector images will appear grouped on your canvas, but you can manipulate and resize individual layers if ungrouped.

How to Upload Image to Cricut on iPhone?

On your iPhone, tap “Upload” on the bottom toolbar in Cricut Design Space. Choose to take a photo, select from your Camera Roll, browse files, or access uploaded images from various storage applications like iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

How to Upload Images to Cricut Explore Air 2?

In Cricut Design Space, initiate a new project, then click the “Upload Images” icon in the left-hand corner. Follow by clicking “Upload Image.”

How to Transfer Internet Images for Use on Cricut Maker?

Save the internet image as a .jpg, .png, or .bmp file. Open Cricut Design Space, click “Upload,” and either open the file directly or drag and drop it into the image upload window.

Based on on-screen descriptions, classify the image complexity as simple, moderately complex, or complex.


And there you have it! Uploading an image to Cricut Design Space is a straightforward process that opens up creative possibilities. Feel free to experiment, personalize, and bring your crafting visions to life. Thanks for joining me on this crafting adventure.

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