How to Use a Hemmer Foot? – (Guide)

Last Updated on July 31, 2023

If you’re a sewing enthusiast, achieving professional-looking hems is essential to give your projects a polished finish. The hemmer foot is a game-changer for creating narrow, even hems on lightweight fabrics.

Although it may take some practice, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to use the hemmer foot.

How to Use a Hemmer Foot
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What is a Hemmer Foot?

A Hemmer foot, also known as a rolled hem foot, is a specialized sewing machine foot designed to create narrow, neat hems on fabric edges. It is essential for achieving professional-looking finishes, particularly on lightweight and delicate fabrics. The foot is available in various sizes, allowing for different hem widths.

The foot features a small funnel or groove on its underside, and as the fabric is fed through, it folds the raw edge under itself, creating a neat, rolled hem. The width of the hem is determined by the size of the funnel or groove on the Hemmer foot.

Smaller grooves produce narrower hems, while larger ones create wider hems suitable for heavier fabrics.

Do I need a Hemmer foot?

Yes, you need a Hemmer foot, especially if you work with sheer fabrics and synthetics, as it offers a faster and more precise way to create neat and even hems that would be difficult to achieve by pressing and straight stitching.

What is the uses and importance of Hemmer foot?

The Hemmer foot, also known as the rolled hemmer, is essential for stitching narrow rolled hems on shirt tails, table linens, and frills. It features a scroll-shaped feed on top and a straight groove on the underside, determining the width of the finished hem.

Its importance lies in creating professional-looking, neat hems on delicate fabrics, adding a polished finish to various sewing projects.

How to Use a Hemmer Foot?

So, how do you use a hemming foot? Here, we’ll take you through the step-by-step process of using a hemmer foot and provide helpful tips to achieve flawless hems on both straight and curved edges.

1. Installing the Hemmer Foot

Installing the Hemmer Foot
Image Source: Sewing Parts Online
  • To begin, flip the foot over to see the groove, which will determine the finished size of your hem. Smaller grooves produce narrower hems, ideal for lighter fabrics, while bigger grooves work better for thicker fabrics.
  • Installing the hemmer foot is a breeze. Clamp it onto the sewing machine’s shank, just like you would with a regular presser foot.

2. Preparing the Fabric

Preparing the Fabric
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Fold the fabric over once to create the first fold of the hem. Then, fold it over again to form the desired hem width. Use your fingers to press the fabric down or a pin to keep it in place.

3. Sewing with the Hemmer Foot

Sewing with the Hemmer Foot
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  • Begin sewing with a couple of stitches to secure the hem in place.
  • Guide the fabric into the funnel of the foot. For smaller hems, you should help the fabric by gently nudging it with your fingers or using tweezers.
  • Pay attention to the raw and folded edges as you sew, ensuring they align with the appropriate parts of the hemmer foot’s groove. This ensures a neat and consistent hem.

4. Working with Curves

Working with Curves
Image Source: Sewing Parts Online
  • When hemming curved edges, start by basting stitching along the hem to prevent the fabric from warping.
  • Sew slowly and feed the fabric into the funnel at an angle to maintain a smooth curve. Gauge the amount of fabric being fed in to ensure a uniform hem width.

5. Handling Seams

Don’t force it into the funnel if you encounter a seam while sewing with the hemmer foot. Instead, use your fingers to turn it under and sew over the seam. After passing the seam, reposition the fabric into the funnel and continue sewing as before.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

Hemming with a this foot might require some practice before achieving the desired results. Take your time, and keep going even if it’s not perfect at first. With practice, you’ll master the technique and achieve professional-looking hems effortlessly.


The hemmer foot is a valuable tool for sewing enthusiasts who want to create impeccable hems on lightweight fabrics and curved edges. Following the steps outlined in this guide and practicing regularly, you’ll soon become proficient at using the foot. Your sewing projects will stand out with beautifully finished hems, adding a touch of professionalism to your creations. Happy sewing!

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