What Are the Basic Sewing Process? – (26 Operation)

Last Updated on January 24, 2024

How to Use Sewing Machine for Beginners? Discover What Are the Basic Sewing Process: Learn about the sewing machine is not hard. It is an easy thing if you follow the instructions step by step. If you are a beginner, it is challenging to buy a perfect sewing machine for yourself. Always check convenience, flexibility, build quality, and overall performance before you buy a machine.

What Are the Basic Sewing Process?

Basic Sewing Process
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Beginner’s Step by Step Basic Sewing Process to Use a Sewing Machine:

  1. First, thread the sewing machine. Follow the instructions of the manual or see a YouTube video to learn about threading your machine.
  2. Now you have to fit your needle and thread it also
  3. Load the bobbin. You may have a front-loading bobbin or a top-loading bobbin
  4. Lift the presser from the foot to release the tension case
  5. Pull the threads to the back facing of the needle in a decent length
  6. Plug your electric sewing machine. You might have one plug for your machine and one plug for your presser foot or one plug for both.
  7. Once you have switched on your machine at the mains, then you can switch your machine on at the side.
  8. By turning on the machine on, the sewing light will come on, and you may have a little bit of noise as it wakes ups.
  9. When the machine is switch on we can begin to look at what it will do.
  10. You should have a selection of stitches available on your sewing machine.
  11. Start from the basic stitches that you need to know.
  12. There are buttons for different uses.
  13. Place the fabric under.
  14. Put down the presser foot.
  15. When you begin sewing, you are going to want to position the needle into the fabric. It helps you to prevent losing the thread from the needle.
  16. Hold both needle thread and bobbin thread. Keep your hand on the fabric
  17. Use the handwheel on the right-hand side of the sewing machine to turn the sewing machine needle towards the fabric.
  18. When your needle goes into the fabric, you are going to push your foot on the foot pedal very gently at the front
  19. Start slowly
  20. Now if you want to increase your speed press a little more on your foot pedal.
  21. You may have a speed control so that you can control this.
  22. Guide the fabric in when you are sewing. Hold then nicely, so the sew don’t go wrong.
  23. When you feel like stopping sewing, you will end your pushing down on the foot pedal.
  24. If your needle finishes up, it is good, but if the needle finishes in the fabric, use the handwheel to raise the needle.
  25. Now, lift the presser from foot and slide the fabric away. Sometimes you can find it a little tight. Use hand wheel and turn it towards you a little bit more to get easy
  26. Use the thread cutter to cut the extra thread

Final Verdict

Sewing machines are easy to use. There are different types of sewing machines. Try to find out the perfect machine and start practicing. Here I gave you some basic lessons to learn about the use of the machine. I hope those lessons will help you to learn how to use a sewing machine as a beginner.

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