Is Bamboo Viscose Breathable? – Here is Why?

Last Updated on March 6, 2023

Discover Is Bamboo Viscose Breathable? Is Bamboo More Breathable Than Cotton? Bamboo viscose is a popular material used in manufacturing clothing and bedding products due to its silky soft texture and durability. But one of the most commonly asked questions about bamboo-based fabric is, “is bamboo viscose breathable?” 

Is Bamboo Viscose Breathable?

The short answer is yes – when properly woven or constructed, bamboo viscose can be incredibly breathable, providing superior airflow and comfort whether sleeping or exercising.

Is Bamboo Viscose Breathable

Viscose from bamboo is often very comfortable to wear. This fabric offers a luxurious feel and drapes beautifully, making it an excellent choice for casual clothing like t-shirts and sweaters. The material is lightweight and breathable, keeping you cool in hot weather.

It also has natural antibacterial properties that help resist odors, making it an ideal choice for athletic wear or loungewear.

What Makes Bamboo Viscose Breathable?

Breathability in garments depends on the garment’s construction and materials. In the case of bamboo viscose fabric, it has unique properties that make it ultra-breathable for year-round comfort.  

The weave pattern used for bamboo viscose helps promote air circulation, which allows moisture from sweat and heat from body heat to evaporate instead of sticking around the body. The fabric also features thermo-regulating properties, which help maintain an ideal temperature even during extreme weather conditions.

The yarn type also plays a significant role in determining how breathable a piece of fabric is – typically, thicker yarns such as knits are less breathable than thin yarns like those found in linens.

Because bamboo viscose uses relatively thin threads throughout the weave pattern to create its smooth surface, the fabric stays lightweight, allowing airflow throughout all parts of the garment or bedding product.

Bamboo Viscose Also Offers Several Other Benefits, Including:

Bamboo Viscose
  • It’s soft – Bamboo fibers are much softer than traditional cotton or synthetic fabrics, creating a luxurious feel when you wear them.
  • It’s lightweight – The lightweight quality of bamboo viscose fabric makes it ideal for hot summer days when temperatures rise or even every day during milder climates.
  • It has natural antibacterial properties – Bamboo’s naturally occurring antimicrobial properties make it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies who may be prone to skin sensitivities and irritations from traditional fabrics such as cotton.
  • It absorbs moisture quickly – Since bamboo fabric absorbs moisture quickly, sweat is more effectively managed when wearing clothing made from this fiber, resulting in improved comfort levels throughout the day.

In addition to its highly reactive cell structure design and tight weave pattern, bamboo is even more breathable because it contains natural antimicrobial properties, which reduce moisture buildup by wicking away sweat from your body faster than other fabrics on the market today.

It helps keep you cool even in humid climates where other fabrics may feel sticky and uncomfortable due to heavy perspiration buildup.

Is Bamboo More Breathable Than Cotton?

Bamboo is generally considered more breathable than cotton because it has the more moisture-wicking capability. Bamboo fibers absorb and evaporate your sweat more quickly, allowing air to circulate on your skin.

Is Bamboo More Breathable Than Cotton

Additionally, bamboo fibers are softer than cotton, so they don’t irritate the skin as much, which helps with breathability. Overall, bamboo makes an excellent choice if you’re looking for comfortable and breathable fabrics.


In conclusion, due to its special weave pattern and natural antimicrobial properties found within its fibers – when properly formulated – bamboo viscose products have excellent potential for being extremely breathable no matter what time of year it is or how hot your environment may be!

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