4 Common Janome 500e Problems & Solutions

Last Updated on January 28, 2024

The Janome Memory Craft 500e is a popular embroidery machine known for its precision and versatility. However, like any other piece of technology, it may encounter some Janome 500e problems from time to time.

Janome 500e Problems


  • Use the right thread and follow easy steps to thread your Janome 500e for top-notch embroidery.
  • If the carriage sticks, gently push the machine off.
  • Check threading, components, and path to ensure the automatic needle threader works seamlessly.
  • Simplify the auto threader process by following straightforward steps for smooth threading.
  • Refer to the manual or get help from a Janome expert for persistent issues – simple solutions for stress-free embroidery.

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Janome 500e Problems and Solutions

Here, we’ll address common Janome 500e problems and provide step-by-step solutions for each.

1. Threading Issues

Threading Issues
Threading Issues

Threading the Janome 500e properly is crucial for smooth embroidery. Threading the Janome 500e properly is crucial for smooth embroidery.

Use the recommended 40-weight polyester thread, follow the correct path through tension units and guides, and consider a thread stand for larger spools to avoid common threading issues.

Follow these steps for correct threading:

  • Ensure the thread is coming from underneath and insert it into the spool pin.
  • Use the five-thread holder accessory or the thread stand to guide the thread.
  • Thread the machine, ensuring it passes through the tension units, thread guides, and the needle eye.
  • Consider using a thread stand for larger spools.

2. Carriage Won’t Work or Is Stuck

Carriage Won't Work or Is Stuck
Carriage Won’t Work or Is Stuck

If the carriage of your Janome 500e is stuck or won’t work, turn off the machine, gently push the carriage with even force, and ensure the machine remains off during this process to prevent potential damage.  

If the carriage of the Janome 500e is not moving smoothly, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Turn off the machine.
  • Gently push the carriage, applying even force. You may hear some noise, but avoid jerking it.
  • Verify that the machine is turned off during this process to prevent damage.
  • Record a video of the issue to provide more information for further assistance.

3. Automatic Needle Threader Not Working

Automatic Needle Threader Not Working
Automatic Needle Threader Not Working

If your Janome 500e’s automatic needle threader is malfunctioning, ensure correct upper threading, position the needle in the uppermost setting, and carefully inspect and align the hook with the needle’s eye.

The automatic needle threader can be a source of frustration when it malfunctions. Follow these steps to troubleshoot and potentially fix the issue:

  • Ensure correct upper threading by following the specified path.
  • Lock the machine and position the needle in the upper position.
  • Examine the automatic needle threader’s components, including the metal bit, plastic bit, and hook.
  • Check if the hook is aligned with the needle’s eye and adjust if necessary.
  • Ensure the thread follows the correct path through the needle and the automatic needle threader.

4. Auto Threader Difficulty

Auto Threader Difficulty
Auto Threader Difficulty

If you’re facing difficulties with the Janome 500e’s automatic threader, ensure the thread passes behind the designated guides, pull to the left until it falls into the hole, and follow the steps to thread through the presser foot’s “V ” shape for a hassle-free experience.

Follow these simplified steps for a smooth threading process:

  • Pass the thread behind the designated guides.
  • Pull to the left until it falls into the designated hole.
  • Thread through the presser foot’s “V” shape and above the thread guide.
  • Hold the thread while pressing down, then gently pull to release it from the slit.
  • Finally, pull the thread through the eye for successful threading.


Can I use different thread weights on the Janome 500e?

While the Janome 500e is designed for optimal performance with 40-weight polyester thread, users may experiment with other thread weights. However, sticking to the manufacturer’s guidelines is recommended to avoid potential issues with tension and embroidery quality.

What should I do if my Janome 500e continues to have issues despite troubleshooting?

If problems persist, consult the machine’s manual for additional guidance. Contact Janome customer support or seek assistance from a certified Janome service professional to diagnose and address any underlying issues.

Can I use the Janome 500e for free motion quilting?

Yes, the Janome 500e is versatile and suitable for free-motion quilting. Ensure you use the appropriate needle and thread for quilting projects, and follow the recommended settings in the machine’s manual for optimal results.

How often should I clean and maintain my Janome 500e?

Regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance. Clean the machine after every project, oil it according to the manual’s recommendations, and check for any loose threads or debris. A well-maintained machine is less likely to encounter issues.

Can I use metallic threads with the Janome 500e?

A11: While metallic threads can be used, it’s advisable to proceed cautiously. Metallic threads may require adjustments to tension settings, and testing on a scrap fabric is recommended before starting a project to ensure optimal results.

Why is my Janome 500e making unusual noises during embroidery?

Unusual noises may indicate a threading issue, a problem with the bobbin, or even a foreign object in the machine. Stop the machine, check the threading, inspect the bobbin area, and remove any obstructions. If the issue persists, consult the manual or seek professional assistance.

Can I perform software updates on the Janome 500e?

Yes, Janome occasionally releases software updates to enhance machine performance. Check the official Janome website for updates and follow the instructions for updating your Janome 500e’s software.

What accessories are essential for embroidery on the Janome 500e?

Essential accessories include the correct needle size for embroidery, the appropriate thread (preferably 40-weight polyester), a bobbin specifically for embroidery, and the use of optional accessories like the thread stand for larger spools or the five-thread holder for multiple thread colors.


By addressing common issues such as threading problems, carriage difficulties, and automatic needle threader malfunctions, users can maximize the performance of their Janome 500e embroidery machine.

Following the provided solutions and tips can contribute to a seamless embroidery experience. If issues persist, it’s recommended to consult the machine’s manual or seek assistance from a Janome service professional.

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