Janome MC6650 vs. 6700p – (Similarities and Differences)

Last Updated on November 28, 2023

Comparing Janome MC6650 vs. 6700p: When it comes to the Janome MC6650 and MC6700p sewing machines, there are both similarities and differences to consider. Here, we will provide a detailed overview of the features and characteristics of each machine to help you make an informed decision.

Janome MC6650 vs. 6700p

If you are in the market and trying to decide between the Janome MC6650 and MC6700p, with their strikingly similar appearances, it can be challenging to determine the differences and similarities between these two models by Janome.

Janome MC6650 vs. 6700p Similarities and Differences

So, let’s explore the similarities and differences between the Janome MC6650 and MC6700p sewing machines.

Janome memory craft 6650 vs. 6700p Similarities

  • Build Quality: Both the Janome MC6650 and MC6700p are built with solid construction. The machines have a flatbed design with a strong metal base, providing stability and preventing any hopping or movement during high-speed sewing.
  • Slick-Coated Tops: The tops of both machines are slick-coated, ensuring that fabrics glide smoothly over the surface without any hang-ups.
  • Computer Controls: The MC6650 and MC6700p offer similar computer controls. They come equipped with features such as scissor function (automatic thread trimming), needle up/needle down, auto lock stitch, and reverse stitching. Also, both machines have an easy-to-use start/stop button and adjustable tension system.
  • Adjustable Pressure: Both machines allow you to adjust the pressure applied to the fabric, ensuring optimal feeding for different materials.
  • Needle Threader: The MC6650 and MC6700p have built-in needle threaders, making it quick and convenient to thread the needle.
  • Bigger Throat Plates: These machines have larger throat plates that can be easily removed using a button, eliminating the need for screws.
  • Knee Lift Compatibility: Both machines have a designated place to attach a knee lift, an optional accessory. The knee lift allows you to raise and lower the presser foot using your knee, providing hands-free control.
  • Easy Touch Pad: The front of both machines features an easy touchpad that allows you to adjust the width and length of your sewing patterns. All the buttons for various functions are the same on both models.
  • Throat Space: The MC6650 and MC6700p offer a generous 10-inch throat space, providing ample room for handling larger sewing projects.
  • Top Drop-In Bobbin: Both machines feature a top drop-in bobbin system, making inserting and accessing the bobbin convenient.
  • Stitch Width: These machines can achieve a maximum stitch width of 9 millimeters, the widest available on any Janome machine. Even the top-of-the-line M7 model offers the same stitch width.
  • Sewing Thickness: The MC6650 and MC6700p can handle sewing through thick materials without any issues, making them suitable for various projects.
  • Motor Size: Both machines have a similar motor, providing ample power for sewing tasks. However, the torque settings may differ.

4 Key Differences of Janome MC6650 vs. 6700p

  • Position in the Line: The MC6700p is the top-of-the-line model in its series and has been a proven seller for Janome for over a decade. On the other hand, the MC6650 is designed to offer a more affordable option without compromising on quality.
  • Stitches: The MC6650 offers approximately 120 built-in stitches, while the MC6700p provides an additional 30 stitches, totaling around 150 built-in stitches.
  • Accessories: The MC6650 comes with fewer accessories compared to the MC6700p. Notably, the MC6650 does not include an extension table, while the MC6700p comes standard with one. Additionally, the MC6700p includes a knee lift, an optional accessory for the MC6650.
  • AccuFeed System: The MC6700p utilizes the AccuFeed system, the same as the top-of-the-line Janome machine. This system ensures precise feeding and can be used as an even feed or walking foot. It comes with different optional soles for various purposes. However, the MC6650 uses a more traditional-style walking foot, an optional accessory that operates similarly to regular walking feet.

FAQ – People Also Ask

Can the Janome MC6650 and MC6700p sew thick fabrics?

Yes, both machines can sew through thick fabrics with ease. Their solid construction and adjustable pressure ensure smooth stitching even on multiple layers of heavy fabric.

Are the Janome MC6650 and MC6700p suitable for quilting?

Absolutely! Both machines are well-suited for quilting projects. They offer ample throat space, the ability to handle thick layers, and a variety of stitches to enhance your quilting designs.

Can I use these machines for professional sewing?

Yes, these machines are suitable for professional use. They are built with high-quality components, durable construction, and advanced features, making them reliable workhorses for professional sewists, quilters, and designers.

Can I do computerized embroidery with these machines?

No, the Janome MC6650 and MC6700p are not computerized embroidery machines. While they offer decorative stitches, they do not have built-in embroidery functions or the capability to connect to a computer for design transfer.

Are there additional accessories available for these machines?

Yes, Janome offers optional accessories for both the MC6650 and MC6700p. These include various presser feet like quarter-inch foot, stitch-in-the-ditch foot, straight stitch foot, open-toe foot, and zipper foot, among others. These accessories expand your sewing capabilities and techniques.

What support is available for Janome machine owners?

Janome has comprehensive customer support. If you encounter any issues, you can contact Janome directly through their customer service channels for troubleshooting, technical assistance, or any questions. Authorized Janome dealers also provide support and service for their machines.

How do the MC6650 and MC6700p differ in stitches and accessories?

The MC6650 offers around 120 built-in stitches, while the MC6700p provides approximately 150 stitches. The MC6700p also includes more accessories as standard, such as an extension table and knee lift, whereas they are optional for the MC6650.

Conclusion – Which One Is Better?

In comparing the Janome MC6650 and MC6700p, we’ve highlighted the similarities and differences between these two impressive models. While both machines share exceptional build quality and offer a range of features, such as computer controls, adjustable pressure, and easy threading, there are notable distinctions to consider.

The MC6700p stands out as the top-of-the-line model, offering additional stitches, more accessories (including an extension table and knee lift), and the advanced AccuFeed system.

On the other hand, the MC6650 provides affordability without compromising on quality, making it an attractive option for those looking for a reliable sewing companion.

Whether you prioritize the extra features and accessories or prefer a more budget-friendly option, both the Janome MC6650 and MC6700p are solid choices that will serve you well in your sewing endeavors. 

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