Janome One-Step Buttonhole Instructions: (Mastering with Ease)

Last Updated on January 11, 2024

How do you use a Janome one-step buttonhole? Here in these Janome One-Step Buttonhole Instructions, we’ll guide you through the process of using the Janome One-Step Buttonhole Foot. This simple accessory allows you to create professional-looking buttonholes on your sewing projects effortlessly. Let’s go!

What does One-Step buttonhole mean?

A one-step buttonhole refers to a feature found in many modern sewing machines. With this feature, the machine can create a buttonhole of the appropriate size for a specific button in a single step or operation.

In other words, instead of manually adjusting settings or stitching multiple times to achieve the desired buttonhole, the sewing machine automates the process, saving time and effort.

By selecting the appropriate buttonhole stitch and placing the button in the designated area, the machine will create a buttonhole that perfectly fits the button, eliminating the need for manual adjustments or multiple stitching passes.

This convenient and efficient feature allows for quick and accurate buttonhole creation with minimal user input.

Janome One-Step Buttonhole Instructions

Janome One-Step Buttonhole Instructions

Janome One-Step Buttonhole foot is a handy tool for creating buttonholes effortlessly on your sewing machine. To get started, gather the Janome one-step buttonhole foot, your sewing machine, a scrap of fabric to practice on, and a button.  

Materials needed

  • Janome One-Step Buttonhole Foot
  • Sewing machine
  • Scrap of fabric
  • Button
  • Seam ripper
  • Pin

Step 1: Understanding the Janome One-Step Buttonhole Foot

The Janome One-Step Buttonhole Foot has a distinct shape with a bar that clips onto the machine’s foot. To start, pull out the foot until you see a gap where the button will be placed. Squash the foot tightly to secure the button. Notice how the gap affects the foot’s direction while it’s working under the machine.

Step 2: Installing the Foot

To install the Janome One-Step Buttonhole Foot:

  1. Lift the current foot on your sewing machine and press the small button at the back to release it.
  2. Keep the removed foot in your accessory box.
  3. Place the Janome foot onto the machine, ensuring it is oriented correctly.
  4. For extra height, lift the lever for the foot slightly before dropping it down.
  5. Verify that the foot is engaged.

Step 3: Setting the Buttonhole Stitch

Select the buttonhole stitch on your sewing machine. The specific stitch number may vary, but we’ll use stitch 21 as an example for this guide. Consult your sewing machine manual to locate the buttonhole stitch on your model.

Step 4: Practice with a Scrap Fabric

Practice buttonholes on a scrap piece of fabric before working on your main project is always a good idea. Fold the fabric to create at least two thicknesses. Place it under the machine, ensuring it is appropriately aligned.

Step 5: Starting the Buttonhole Process

Begin by stitching a single stitch to bring the thread up from underneath the fabric. Check that the little black lever and the two markers (mentioned earlier) are in place. Start the machine, and observe as it performs the buttonhole process.

The machine will stitch backward first, followed by forward zigzagging, going across, backward zigzagging, and finally zigzagging back down. Pay attention to the black lever and markers as they guide the machine’s direction changes.

Step 6: Cutting the Buttonhole

Once the machine completes the buttonhole process, it will stop automatically. Lift the black lever back up. Raise the foot, and carefully remove the buttonhole from under the foot. To cut the buttonhole open, use a seam ripper and a pin.

Insert the pin across one end of the buttonhole and the seam ripper on the other end. Slide the seam ripper towards the pin to avoid making the hole too large. Remove the pin, and your buttonhole is ready!

Step 7: Testing the Button

Remove the foot from the machine, and take out the button. Your button should fit perfectly through the buttonhole you created. Congratulations on successfully using the Janome One-Step Buttonhole Foot!


Mastering buttonholes is essential for any sewing enthusiast, and the Janome One-Step Buttonhole Foot simplifies the process. By following these Janome one step buttonhole instructions and practicing on scrap fabric, you can create flawless buttonholes for your future sewing projects.

Enjoy your sewing journey, and have fun exploring the possibilities of buttonhole designs!

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