Janome vs. Babylock – Which is Better?

Last Updated on October 3, 2023

Discover which is better Janome or Babylock. If you’re considering investing in a new sewing machine, chances are you’ve come across the two popular brands, Janome and Babylock.

While both companies have a strong reputation for producing high-quality sewing machines, there are some key differences that might influence your decision.

Janome vs. Babylock
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Janome vs. Babylock Comparison

Here, we’ll explore these differences based on user experiences and opinions, to help you make an informed choice when selecting your next sewing machine.

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1. Threading Mechanism – The Winner is Babylock

One of the standout features of Babylock machines, particularly their sergers, is the innovative and easy-to-use threading mechanism. Users rave about this feature, describing it as “pure magic” and praising its convenience.

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2. Ease of Use – The Winner is Babylock

Babylock machines have earned a reputation for being user-friendly and easy to operate. This is particularly important for beginners or those who might struggle with more complex machines.

Janome machines, while also reliable, do not receive specific praise for their ease of use, which could be a factor to consider if you’re looking for a more intuitive experience.

3. Stitch Quality – The Winner is Babylock

We have found some users on rededit, who have switched from Janome to Babylock machines frequently mention the impressive stitch quality of Babylock machines. This is an important consideration for those who value precision and a polished finish in their sewing projects.

Stitch Quality
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While Janome machines are still reliable, they do not receive the same level of praise in this regard.

4. Price – This time Janome SMs are more reasonable

When it comes to affordability, Janome appears to have the edge over Babylock. Janome machines are generally as more reasonably priced than their Babylock counterparts.

This makes Janome an attractive option for budget-conscious sewers or those who don’t require all the bells and whistles of a higher-priced machine.

5. Range of Models – The Winner is Janome

Both Janome and Babylock offer a diverse range of machines to cater to different sewing needs. However, if you’re specifically looking for an embroidery-only machine, one of our favorite model Janome’s 550e is being more affordable than similar offerings from Babylock and Brother.

This could be a deciding factor for those who want a dedicated embroidery machine without breaking the bank.

6. Brand Loyalty – The Winner is Babylock

Many users who have transitioned from other sewing machine brands, including Janome, to Babylock express strong loyalty towards Babylock machines.

Their satisfaction with the brand’s performance, features, and ease of use seems to make them confident in their choice and unlikely to switch back.

7. Dealer Support – Here is a Tie!

Both Janome and Babylock machines are sold through authorized dealers, who often provide repair and service support. This ensures that you have a reliable resource to turn to should any issues arise with your machine.

Which one is better? Janome or Babylock?

The Babylock might be a better choice for those who prioritize ease of use, threading mechanism, stitch quality, and brand loyalty.

However, if affordability and a more reasonably priced embroidery-only machine are important factors for you, then Janome may be the better option.

So, the choice between Janome and Babylock will depend on your personal preferences and priorities in a sewing machine.

Comparing the Janome 400E, 500E, and Babylock Flourish Embroidery Machines

The key differences between the Janome 400E, 500E, and Babylock Flourish embroidery machines lie in their embroidery field sizes, hoop options, and additional features. The Janome 400E and 500E are similar, with the 500E offering a larger embroidery field (8×13″) compared to the 400E.

Janome 500E
Janome 500E
Image source: Amazon

The Babylock Flourish has a smaller embroidery field (6×10″) than the Janome 500E. The Janome machines come with 4 hoops and an extension table, while the Babylock Flourish includes only 1 hoop.

The extension table provided with the Janome machines helps support larger hoops, reducing strain on the motor and connection point.

Additionally, the Janome machines feature a larger screen for ease of use. Considering the larger embroidery area, more included hoops, extension table, and larger screen, the Janome 500E may be a more appealing choice.

Does Janome make Baby Lock machines?

Yes, Janome does make machines for Baby Lock. They produce specific models under the Baby Lock brand, along with machines under other brand names like New Home, Necchi, Elna, and Juki.


So, the choice between Janome and Babylock sewing machines comes down to personal preference and individual needs.

While Babylock has a slight edge in terms of threading mechanisms, ease of use, and stitch quality, Janome offers a more affordable range of machines and a competitive embroidery-only option.

It’s essential to try out machines from both brands and consult with knowledgeable dealers to determine which machine best suits your needs and budget. Happy sewing!

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