Janome vs. Bernina Sewing Machine – Which One is Best?

Last Updated on October 11, 2023

The comparison of two sewing machine brands often provokes differing opinions. No matter how popular the brand is, there will always be some people who dislike it.

Therefore, when deciding between two sewing machines, it’s essential to be aware of each sewing machine’s positive and negative aspects.


  1. Bernette vs. BERNINA: Bernette is affordable and basic for beginners, while BERNINA offers advanced features for professionals, with a higher price tag.
  2. Janome vs. Bernina: Janome is for home sewing, Bernina is industrial-grade for heavy use.
  3. Janome is budget-friendly ($500-$600), Bernina is pricier ($700-$15,000). Choose based on your budget and project complexity.
  4. Focus on machine features, not just brand. Test both to see which fits your sewing needs best.
Janome vs Bernina

However, choosing between Bernina and Janome sewing machines is a real challenge because both companies have so many great models. So, to understand the differences between sewing machines made by Janome and Bernina, continue reading my article.

Janome Sewing Machine

Janome 2206
Image: Janome 2206 – Source: Amazon

Janome is known for producing reliable machines at a great value. They have an excellent reputation around the world.

They specialize in industrial machines and also produce smaller home models.

Also, they were one of the first manufacturers to introduce computerized personal sewing machines.

Likewise, Janome manufactures a wide range of sergers and coverstitch sewing machines with various sewing machine models.

Besides, Janome’s memory craft series of home embroidery machines have gained a strong position in the embroidery machine market. In addition, Janome sewing machines are made to last and work great for a long time.

Bernina Sewing Machine?

Bernette 38 Swiss
Image: Bernette 38 Swiss – Source: Amazon

Bernina is a Swiss company that manufactures domestic sewing machines under the brand name “Bernette.”

Their sewing machines are mostly manufactured in Switzerland and are known for their excellent quality.

Also, Bernina was one of the first companies that manufacture Bernina sewing machines with multiple functions.

They offer a long menu of sewing machines, ranging from entry-level to high-end computerized embroidery and sergers.

Bernette vs. BERNINA – Are Bernette and BERNINA the Same?

No, Bernette is a brand of the BERNINA Textile Group. And Bernette is a lower-priced machine line made by BERNINA that is designed for entry-level sewers.

The main difference of Bernette and BERNINA is, Bernette is a lower-priced, more basic range of sewing machines made by Bernina.

They are less expensive and offer fewer features than the Bernina range. While Bernina’s machines feature top-of-the-line technology, Bernette focus on affordability and simplified functionality.

Bernina machines are geared towards professional and advanced sewers, while Bernette machines are more suitable for beginners and casual sewers.

Janome vs. Bernina Sewing Machine – Comparison

What is the Main Difference Between Janome and Bernina

The main difference between Janome and Bernina is that Janome specializes in domestic sewing machines, while Bernina produces professional-grade industrial machines.

Which One is Better?

When you want to purchase a new sewing machine, deciding between Bernina and Janome is a confusing thing to sort out.

Janome vs Bernina

To help you out, here we will describe the comparative discussion between Bernina and Janome in 3 Parameter.

So let’s start-

1. Brand – The Winner is BERNINA ()

If you let brand reputation influence which sewing machine you choose, you would have chosen a Bernina since it’s been a familiar brand that delivering great sewing machines since 1893.

They understand user demands and know better how to meet those needs together. Bernina always provides high-quality sewing machines that are made to last long.

On the contrary, though Janome is not one of the oldest sewing machine manufacturers like Bernina, it takes pride in giving its customers the best possible sewing machines.

2. Quality – The Winner is Janome ()

If you’re looking for quality sewing machines, Janome is the company to turn to. This company was founded in 1921, and only since then has it been making excellent sewing machines.

3. Budget – (Here is a Tie)

However, when you’re deciding between these two sewing machine brands, the most important factors to consider are your budget and the extent of your sewing projects.

Because, if you take a look at Bernina and Janome, you’ll notice that both companies are competing to deliver the best sewing machine to you.

And, this is fantastic news for those who want to own the best sewing machine. Both these companies are at the top of the sewing machine industry, so you will need to decide which one is the best fit for your project.

Price Comparison Between Janome and Bernina

Is a Bernina Sewing Machine Worth the Money? When comparing prices, you can easily tell the difference between the two brands.

Bernina sewing machines are significantly more expensive than the majority of other brands on the market.

Their mid-range machines can cost between $1200 and $1800 yet. In contrast, a Janome sewing machine will save money.

Janome mid-range sewing machines tend to be priced between $500 and $600 usually. Yet, we are not saying that Janome only produces $300 or more low-priced machines. They even sell embroidery machines for $5000 as well.

Furthermore, the cheapest Bernina sewing machine starts at around $700, and it goes up from there. Bernina’s 880 embroidery machine (about $15,000) is one of the more expensive ones available.

Afterward, each of these brands’ sewing machines has its own features separate from the competition. These features are intended to make your sewing more fulfilling and satisfying.

Therefore, as both companies offer excellent models, an important consideration when purchasing machines is to examine individual machines to see which one has the most delicate features and accessories for you.

So, Bernina or Janome for Quilting – Which One is Best?

Both companies produce high-quality quilting machines that can withstand the rigors of quilting. But typically, experienced sewers mostly liked Bernina machines for quilting.

Bernina has built a reputation for producing durable, reliable machines and doing an excellent job of quilting.

Which One is a Better Sewing Machine Bernina or Janome? – (Our Verdict)

From all consideration, we would choose 🏆 Bernina sewing machines. As Bernina sewing machines are well reputed, high in quality, reliable, and well functional.

Besides, Bernina is also a family-owned company for generations that delivers comprehensive warranty, the highest standards of craftsmanship, and excellent build construction.

In addition, they always ensure you get the best sewing machine they can build.

Get the Winner 😉

Meanwhile, some people will disagree because they like the Janome sewing machines and would prefer to have a Janome sewing machine for the rest of their lives.

However, when purchasing a sewing machine, your decision may depend more on the machine’s details rather than the reputation or prolonged existence of both companies. The sewing machine with more solid feet, advanced and high-end accessories are always a greater piece to buy.

Therefore, if you like precision stitching, Bernina sewing machines will be an excellent choice to pursue. On the other hand, sewers who like embroidery work with intuitive designs are recommended to buy Janome sewing machines.

Afterward, there are many reasons to prefer one machine over another. So, rather than thinking about which of the two brands is best, it’s better to think about which machine is suitable for your sewing project as a whole.

Moreover, if you want to know which company’s sewing machine is best, take a test drive and try them both out.

Used Bernina or new Janome???

According to happygram from missouriquiltco forum:

“There’s a used Bernina 440 QE with the BSR and an embroidery module available at the local Bernina store. It’s got 2,000,000 stitches on it, was bought in 2010, and 2 of the 3 warranties are still good. There’s a new Janome 7700 Horizon that looks like it could drive itself. It’s got all of the bells and whistles including the full warranty. I’ve tried both of them, and they sew beautifully.

There’d be quite a learning curve with the Janome (perhaps this is a negative?) and it looks like it was designed to quilt with an 11 inch “workspace”. (I don’t know what that part is called.) The Bernina has lots of “stuff” on it, sews nicely, but isn’t particularly a quilting machine. The “throat” or whatever it’s called does have a bigger quilting area than the machine I have (a basic Bernina workhorse).

I realize that I’m interested in quilting and that the Bernina deluxe quilting machine is waaaaaay out of my price range.

Does anyone have advice for me about the new Janome 7700 Horizon and/or the used Bernina 440QE? Pricewise, the Bernina is a few hundred dollars more than the Janome.

I don’t have a lot of experience with any machine other than the one I’ve used for 4 years.”

Final Verdict

Choosing a Janome vs. Bernina Sewing Machine based on their reputation for excellence or their history of innovation will not be worthy.

Because they have a good number of models and accessories for every kind of sewing project. Your sewing machine selection can vary based on whether you require a specialized model or one for more basic embroidery work.

So, while purchasing a sewing machine, try to make sure your selected sewing machine has the features and accessories that you really want for your sewing project.

Summery at a Glance

FeatureJanome ()Bernina ()
Brand reputationKnown for reliability, ease of use, and affordabilityKnown for precision engineering, durability, and high-end features
Price rangeMid-range to high-endHigh-end
Number of stitchesWide range of models with various number of stitchesLess number of stitches but more advanced features
Built-in embroidery designsSome models include built-in embroidery designsFew models include built-in embroidery designs

However, choosing one brand over another doesn’t mean that you are missing something. Because most of the advanced sewing machines from both Janome and Bernina have pretty similar features and functionality.

Overall, your preference and need can be the only consideration for purchasing a sewing machine.

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  1. I understand adjusting to a new machine, especially a Bernina. Spending more time with each model might help. I have a 720 and two older Berninas (1120, 830 Record), and it took some getting used to, especially things like the absence of a presser foot lever. On my machine, you just tap your heel on the pedal, and it comes up. It’s the little adjustments like these that make a difference. Since I mainly sew garments, I didn’t need a 9 mm machine either. Take your time, and I hope you find the perfect machine that fits your needs and sewing style.

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