Janome vs. Singer Sewing Machine – Which One is Best?

Last Updated on March 4, 2023

Janome vs Singer Sewing Machine: Taking up sewing as a hobby needs a lot of patience. And to test your patience, you need to work with a sewing machine very often. Therefore, it’s also important to have the right sewing machine in your sewing arsenal.

Janome vs Singer

If you’re looking for your own sewing machine, there’s a strong possibility that you’ve heard of Janome and Singer. As Singer and Janome are both widely recognized for producing some of the most reliable sewing machines in the marketplace, most people often get confused about choosing between them, especially when they bought the very first one.

Therefore, in this article, we will look at everything about these two brands, including their similarities, differences, pros, cons, and product information, so you can decide which brand best meets your sewing needs!

What is Janome Sewing Machine?

Janome Sewing Machine
Janome Sewing Machine

Japan started manufacturing Janome sewing machines in 1921. Yosaku Ose, the founder of Janome, started making sewing machines with a round bobbin. Janome, which translates as “eye of a snake” in Japanese, was given the company’s name due to the round bobbin’s resemblance to the eyeball of a snake. Janome’s round bobbin was extremely innovative, and so the brand quickly gained popularity throughout Japan.

Janome Logo

Afterward, Janome acquired the American sewing machine manufacturer New Home to expand sewing machines globally. In the 1970s, Janome was the first company to introduce a sewing machine with a computerized programmable system. As a pioneer in the computerized sewing machine industry, Janome has assisted other brands in developing their computerized machines.

What is Singer Sewing Machine?

Singer Sewing Machine
Singer Sewing Machine

In 1850, the very first Singer sewing machine, created by Issac Singer, was an invention that changed many people’s lives. This model was small enough for home use and sold for $100 after 3 years. Its powerful needle and the capacity to stitch for extended periods have contributed to this machine achieving popularity.

Singer Logo

By 1855, the Singer sewing machine had received an award for its ability to sew a shirt within one and a half hour. Again, in 1856, Singer was the first sewing machine that won a prize from the World’s Fair in Paris, and over time, it became a Brand name around the world.

However, although newer Singer sewing machines have more advanced features and improved programmable adjustability, old models are still popular. In addition, it is one of the most popular brands among newbie sewers.

Janome vs. Singer Sewing Machine – Similarities and Differences

It’s crucial to understand the similarities and differences between Singer and Janome when deciding between these two brands. This section will explore some of the most key factors consumers consider when shopping for a sewing machine and compare these two brands.

1. Features and Functionality – (The Winner is )

Computerized sewing machines may appeal to sewers who have greater expertise or enjoy selling their work to make money. Computer programmable sewing machines can create more complex stitches and critical designs than manually operated machines. They are more advanced than manual sewing machines.

Furthermore, an entry-level Singer sewing machine will typically have more built-in stitches than a beginner requires. Whereas Janome’s starter sewing machines tend to come with only basic stitches as standard machines.

However, Janome and Singer both provide manual and computerized sewing machines to accommodate users of all skill levels.

2. Project/Fabric Types – (Singer Cost a Bit Less Than Janome)

Remember that you can use sewing machines for many things besides stitching clothing or other crafts. Many of them are also suitable for embroidery and quilting. These sewing machines are equipped with unique features that enable you to tackle various projects with ease. Both brands offer a wide variety of machines with different features. The higher the price of a machine, the more features it possesses.

However, when you consider the variety of functions and durability, Singer’s sewing machine and Janome’s quilting and embroidery machines remain reasonably priced. To sew leather on a sewing machine and denim, both companies provide heavy-duty sewing machines that can handle these materials.

Furthermore, Singer sewing machines cost a bit less than Janome and have more stitch options available.

3. Size & Weight – (Singer Offers the Lightest Then Janome)

The weight of a machine is an important consideration for people who move or need to keep their machines away after use. A portable sewing machine may weigh less than a stand-alone one, so check the machine’s weight before purchasing.

However, if you intend to use the sewing machine in the same location for extended periods, a heavier model made entirely of metal may be more durable than a lightweight model made mostly of plastic.

Weight difference between Janome and Singer

Therefore, Singer offers the lightest sewing machine (Singer 4423, weighing 14.6 lbs) on the market. Afterward, the most weighted sewing machine from Janome is Model HD3000, which measures 18.7 lbs.

4. Portability – (The Winner is )

When traveling with your sewing machine or when space is limited, carrying a full-size machine is impossible. Therefore you’ll need a portable sewing machine in that case. But some people assume that just because a machine is portable, it lacks functionality. But this perception is not right yet.

Moreover, Singer produces many portable models. This model has many features as previous models, but it is slim and lightweight enough to move around easily. Besides, Janome also makes portable models like SewMini models. However, portable sewing machines are not well-fitted for quilting.

5. Quality – (Both Provides High Quality Machines)

The quality of a sewing machine affects the output. Both Singer and Janome have lasted so long in the market because of the high-quality machines they manufacture. High-quality sewing machines should be long-lasting, produce precise stitches, and have sturdy equipment. Overall, a sewing machine from Singer or Janome lets you be confident in its durability and precision.

6. Durability – (Both Are Reliable)

When purchasing a sewing machine, durability is crucial. In that case, Singer and Janome are both known for their durability, and they are the proper ones for your needs and budget. So, in terms of durability, the Singer and Janome heavy-duty sewing machines are both reliable.

Their Heavy duty machines are built to handle thicker textiles and heavier loads. Usually, Janome heavy-duty models weigh slightly more than Singer models.

7. Built-in Stitches – (The Winner is )

An important factor in choosing a sewing machine is the built-in stitches it offers. Generally, less expensive sewing machines have fewer stitches than more expensive models. For a beginner with little experience sewing, the number of stitches does not matter much.

They only need basic built-in stitches. But, if you’re an experienced sewer, it’s better to buy a machine that has more than just the basic stitches built-in.

However, the majority of Singer machines include more built-in stitches than Janome machines do. Usually, Singer models feature 6 to 600 built-in stitches, while Janome machines feature up to 510 stitches.

8. Stitches Per Minute – (The Winner is )

It is crucial to know how many stitches your machine can create each minute. The more stitches per minute you have, the faster you will complete your sewing project. Professional sewing machines typically have more stitching capacity per minute than home sewing machines.

Usually, Singer has several machines that can stitch at speeds of up to 1,100 stitches per minute. In contrast, the professional model from Janome can produce between 1,200 and 1,600 stitches per minute.

9. Ease of Use – (The Winner is )

For beginners, a Janome sewing machine may be difficult to use. They come with many features and functions that users must consider to use properly. Whereas the Singer sewing machines are the easiest to use, and they’re dependable yet.

10. Price – (Janome Cost More Than Singer)

The price of a sewing machine varies greatly depending on the brand, model type, and features. While it is true that more expensive computerized models have a greater range of additional features, costs can be kept down by choosing a simpler model.

However, when it comes to innovation, Janome is regarded for being a leader in the field. Both Janome and Singer make excellent machines, but Janome’s tend to be a bit more advanced. Therefore, Janome sewing machines cost more than Singer sewing machines. Although, sewing machine brands such as Janome and Singer are known for their affordability.

11. Service & Warranty – (Both are Good)

Machines can malfunction at any time, so it’s important to consider how likely repairs and replacements will be and what is covered by your warranty. Ask about the availability of local repairs or whether you will have to send the machine in for servicing.

However, by registering your Singer or Janome sewing machines, you can acquire warranty coverage. If you purchase a Janome sewing machine, you will enjoy a 1 year service warranty. Please note that if you have to use this warranty, you must return it to the place of purchase. Also, Singer provides a 1-year service warranty. If you need to use this warranty, you must return it.

Which is Better Singer or Janome?- (Our Verdict)

Singer or Janome
Singer vs Janome Comparison

Both Singer and Janome sewing machines are designed with beginners in mind. But if you are a beginner, it is essential to consider the features you desire in a sewing machine and the intended application.

Singer sewing machine is easy to use. on the other hand, Janome sewing machines is that they tend to have various functions that users must apply to use them efficiently. On the other hand, Singer sewing machines are simpler and more user-friendly yet.

People also ask – FAQ

What is the most reliable brand of sewing machine?

One brand cannot simply be chosen to another. Additionally, both companies selling a variety of sewing machines, so it just requires determining what you require and demand.

Are Janome sewing machines worth it?

Janome sewing machines are known for their durability and for being the best fit for your needs and budget. As a result, the Janome heavy-duty sewing machines are worthy.

Is Janome compatible with Singer?

Janome sewing machines are compatible with Janome needles. SINGER Sewing Machine Needles are also universal, which means they work with SINGER, Brother, Janome, and other high-quality sewing machines.

Is Janome and Juki the same company?

No! Japanese company JUKI Corporation produces domestic and Juki sewing machines. Though Janome machines are also sold under the Necchi, Elna, and Juki brand names.

Who makes Singer sewing machines now?

The SVP Group, Singer’s parent company, Kohlberg & Company, acquired the Husqvarna and Pfaff brands in 2006. This resulted in the consolidation of the three brands into the current SVP Group.

Can Janome Use Singer bobbins?

It depends on the Janome model and the singer model. There is no machine brand that uses only one type of bobbin; they are model specific, and many brands can use the same bobbins. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

What bobbins are compatible with Janome?

Class 15 bobbins are compatible with all Janome sewing machines as well as Elna and Kenmore sewing machines manufactured by Janome.

Can you use any needle in a Janome Sewing Machine?

All SCHMETZ needles are compatible with Janome sewing machines, however the Universal, Quilting, Microtex, and Embroidery needles are the most widely used.

In Summery

Features and FunctionalityManual and computerized machines for all skill levelsManual and computerized machines for all skill levels
Project/Fabric TypesVarious features for different projects, including heavy-duty machinesVarious features for different projects, including heavy-duty machines with more stitch options
Size & WeightHeavier machines with portable optionsLighter machines with portable options
Built-in StitchesBasic stitches as standard, up to 510 stitchesMore built-in stitches ranging from 6 to 600 stitches
Stitches Per MinuteProfessional model can produce between 1,200 and 1,600 stitches per minuteCan stitch up to 1,100 stitches per minute
Quality and DurabilityKnown for high-quality and durable machines, reliable heavy-duty machinesKnown for high-quality and durable machines, reliable heavy-duty machines
Ease of UseMore difficult to use for beginnersGenerally considered easier to use, good for beginners
PriceMore expensive, but models at a range of prices availableLess expensive, but models at a range of prices available


As we have already said, there are several variables on Janome vs Singer, varying price points, and varying needs and goals fulfilled to deciding between a Singer and Janome sewing machine. So, you cannot just choose one brand over another. Besides, both companies offer various sewing machines, so it’s just a matter of figuring out what you need and want.

Afterward, we hope our comparison will help you make a more informed decision. Depending on the factors discussed, you should now have a clear idea of which model to select.

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