Levi’s 505 Vs. 501: Which One is Better?

Last Updated on February 8, 2024

Comparing two legendary Levi jeans is akin to debating two all-time NBA greats. Some swear by one, while others staunchly support the other.

In today’s comparison, we’ll explore the iconic Levi 501s and 505s, exploring their fit, sizing, and intricate details. I’m Teresia from The Sewing Stuffs, and let’s break down these denim classics, Is 501 or 505 Levi’s better.

Levi's 505 vs. 501


  • Levi’s 501 and 505 have nearly identical fits, with the 505 offering a bit more room around the thighs for those seeking a relaxed fit.
  • The choice between button fly (501) and zipper fly (505) comes down to personal preference, while subtle wash differences add unique character to each pair.
  • The Levi 501 stands out for unparalleled comfort after around 30 wears, earning a 9 out of 10 rating, while the 505 promises comparable comfort with some break-in time.
  • Opt for the 505 if you have larger legs or are seeking extra room, while the 501 is a timeless choice for those with regular to slightly above-average thighs.
  • Both jeans offer year-round wearability, making them versatile options for various weather conditions.

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What is the difference between Levi 501 and 502?

The main difference between Levi’s 501 and 502 lies in the fit. The 501 is a classic straight fit, while the 502 features a tapered fit. The 501 offers a more relaxed, straight silhouette, while the 502 narrows towards the ankle for a modern, tapered look.

Levi’s 505 vs. 501 – Comparison

Levi's 505 vs. 501

Levi’s 505 offers a roomier fit, ideal for those with larger legs, while the 501, a classic choice, sits slightly tighter. Both provide excellent comfort, making the decision matter personal preference and body type.


Starting with the fit, the Levi 505 and 501 showcase subtle differences. The 501 sits slightly tighter around the thigh section compared to the roomier 505.

Levi 505 and 501 showcase

However, upon closer inspection, their fits and aesthetics are remarkably similar.

The 501 is the quintessential all-American classic, while the 505 offers extra room, catering to those who prefer a more relaxed fit.

Both jeans, in a 3334 size, suit a six-foot-three, 185-pound frame, making them versatile choices for various body types.

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Moving on to the details, the jeans exhibit minor distinctions, with the most notable being the button fly on the 501 versus the zipper fly on the 505.

Personal preference comes into play when choosing between these two iconic closures. The washes, named Nettle Subtle for the 501 and Begonia Overt for the 505, add distinct character to each pair.


Levi 505 and 501 comfort

Comfort, a pivotal factor, elevates the Levi 501 to the top for many enthusiasts. After approximately 30 wears, the 501 becomes exceptionally comfortable, earning it a 9 out of 10 rating.

The 505, though not quite at the same level, promises comfort that can rival its counterpart with sufficient break-in time.

Both jeans offer year-round wearability, making them suitable for diverse weather conditions.

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Final Verdict – Is 501 or 505 Levi’s better?

FeatureLevi 501Levi 505
FitSlightly tighter around thighsRoomier in the thigh section
AestheticAll-American classicOffers extra room
Size (3334)Suitable for various body typesVersatile for different frames
Fly ClosureButton flyZipper fly
Wash OptionsNettle SubtleBegonia Overt
Comfort9 out of 10 rating after break-inComfort increases with wear
RecommendationRegular to above-average thighsLarger legs
VersatilityYear-round wearabilityComfortable for various seasons
PreferenceClassic choice for manyExtra room for a relaxed fit

Considering your body type is crucial in the final decision between the 501 and 505. The 505 is the clear winner if you have larger legs, offering extra space in the thigh and ankle sections.

On the other hand, if your thighs fall within the regular to slightly above average range, the 501, a classic among classics, is an excellent choice.

Vintage options are environmentally friendly, adding to the appeal of both models.


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