Levis 505 vs. 550 – Men’s Jeans Comparison

Last Updated on March 4, 2024

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be daunting, but for those who have a keen eye for quality and style, the Levi’s brand often emerges as a top choice. If you’re searching for the perfect pair of jeans, you might have come across the Levi’s 505 and 550 models.

Levis 505 vs. 550


  • 550s are Versatile: Levi’s 550 offers a wide fit, perfect for both casual and smart occasions, at an affordable price.
  • 505s for Classic Style: Levi’s 505 provides a straight fit, great for classic looks with a variety of jackets and sneakers.
  • Style Your Way: Both models offer flexibility in styling, ensuring you can create your unique look.
  • Budget-Friendly Choice: Levi’s 550s, at around $70, provide quality without breaking the bank.
  • Size: Be mindful of sizing, and consider going true to size for the 550s, as they may stretch a bit over time.

Here, we’ll explre the details of two popular Levi’s models, the 505 and 550, and explore why one individual confidently claims to have found the perfect fit in the Levi’s 550. Additionally, we’ll provide insights into styling recommendations for both the 505 and 550.

Levi’s 505: Style Recommendations

Levi’s 505

Levi’s 505 offers a straight fit, providing versatility in styling with various jackets, hoodies, and sneakers. Ideal for those seeking a classic look with a range of outfit options. We will share their styling recommendations and buying tips.

Buying Options

  • New vs. Vintage: Buyers are presented with the option of purchasing either brand-new 505s or opting for vintage pairs. Recommendations are made for platforms like Levi’s official website, amazon, eBay, or Grailed.

Jacket Pairings

  • Versatile Jackets: Given the straight fit of the 505s, they are deemed compatible with various jacket styles. Vintage varsity jackets, puffer jackets, and classic denim-on-denim looks are suggested.

Tops Recommendations

  • Hoodies and T-Shirts: The versatility of wearing 505s with T-shirts and hoodies, whether they are true to size or oversized. Affordable options from Gap and Old Navy are recommended.

Sneaker Choices

  • High-Tops and Chunky Sneakers: High-top sneakers, especially Jordan 1s and Dunk Highs, are favored for their stacking effect with 505s. Other recommendations include Chuck’s 70s and classic all-white forces.

Personal Styling Examples

  • Outfit Demonstrations: There are several outfits featuring Levi’s 505s, combining them with different jackets, tops, and sneakers. Examples include vintage Levi’s jackets, oversized flannels, and stylish Playboy Supreme jackets.

Levi’s 550: The Perfect Middle Ground

Levi's 550
Levi’s 550

The Levi’s 550s are the ideal choice, and they seem to have solid reasons to support this bold statement.

What does 550 mean in Levi’s?

In Levi’s, “550” refers to a specific jean style known as the “550™ Relaxed.” It is characterized by a low-rise loose fit, a timeless straight leg, and sits below the waist. The design includes extra room through the thigh, providing a relaxed and comfortable fit.

Fit and Structure

  • Wide Fit: If you have thick legs, search for straight, wide-fit jeans. The Levi’s 550s will fit the bill perfectly, providing the desired width without compromising style.
  • Sturdy Structure: The 550s boast a sturdy structure, ensuring that they maintain their shape, which is crucial for creating stylish outfits. This distinguishes them from other options with slimmer and stretchier materials.

Price and Quality

  • Affordable: With a base price of around $70, the Levi’s 550s offer a budget-friendly option for quality jeans. It is a good investment with a lifespan of at least a year or two.
  • Color Options: Various color and wash options are available after a light stone wash. However, they desire a dark gray or charcoal wash currently lacking in the lineup.

Versatility in Styling

  • Casual and Smart: The Levi’s 550s balance casual streetwear and smart outfits. This versatility makes them a valuable addition to the wardrobe, offering options for various occasions.
  • Body-Shape Friendly: The jeans are praised for accommodating different body shapes, whether you have slimmer or thicker legs. They avoid hugging the thighs too tightly while still maintaining a stylish and comfortable fit.

Sizing Consideration

  • Slight Stretch: Note that the jeans stretched out a bit after wearing them a few times. A sizing tip is provided, suggesting that individuals should consider going for their true size rather than sizing up.

Styling Tips

  • Shoe Compatibility: The Levi’s 550s are highlighted as suitable for various shoe styles, from chunky boots to high-top sneakers. The wider fit allows for flexibility in choosing footwear.

Comparison – Levis 505 vs. 550

Levi’s Men’s 505
Levi’s Men’s 550

1. Fit and Structure

  • Levi’s 550: Offers a wide fit with a sturdy structure, providing a balance between a casual streetwear look and smart outfits.
  • Levi’s 505: Known for a straight fit, allowing versatility in pairing with different jackets, tops, and sneakers.

2. Price and Quality

  • Levi’s 550: Base price around $70, considered a good deal for quality jeans with anticipated longevity.
  • Levi’s 505: Pricing information not explicitly provided, but they are portrayed as a popular and trendy cut.

3. Color and Wash Options

  • Levi’s 550: Offers a variety of color and wash options, but lacks a dark gray or charcoal wash, limiting choices for some users.
  • Levi’s 505: Color options not specifically discussed, but they are portrayed as a versatile option for different styles.

4. Versatility in Styling

  • Levi’s 550: Positioned as a middle ground, suitable for both casual and smart outfits. Accommodates various body shapes.
  • Levi’s 505: Emphasized as versatile, with compatibility for different jackets, tops, and sneakers, allowing for diverse styling options.

5. Sizing Consideration

  • Levi’s 550: Slight stretching is noted after wearing, suggesting potential considerations for sizing.
  • Levi’s 505: Sizing information not explicitly discussed.

6. Styling Tips and Compatibility

  • Levi’s 550: Compatible with a range of shoes, from chunky boots to high-top sneakers. A wider fit allows for flexibility in footwear choices.
  • Levi’s 505: High-top sneakers, including Jordan 1s and Dunk Highs, are recommended for their stacking effect. Also pairs well with Chuck 70s and all-white forces.

7. Personal Styling Examples

  • Levi’s 550: Not discussed in terms of specific personal styling examples.
  • Levi’s 505: Content creator demonstrates various outfits with Levi’s 505s, combining them with vintage Levi’s jackets, oversized flannels, and stylish playboy Supreme jackets.

8. Buying Options

  • Levi’s 550: Purchasable from various retailers, with the option for new or vintage. No specific platforms highlighted.
  • Levi’s 505: Recommended options include Levi’s official website, eBay, or Grailed for both new and vintage purchases.

9. Jacket Pairings

  • Levi’s 550: Not explicitly discussed in terms of specific jacket pairings.
  • Levi’s 505: Versatile pairing options, including vintage varsity jackets, puffer jackets, and classic denim-on-denim looks.

10. Tops Recommendations

  • Levi’s 550: No specific tops recommendations discussed.
  • Levi’s 505: Emphasizes the versatility of pairing with hoodies and T-shirts, both oversized and true to size.

11. Sneaker Choices

  • Levi’s 550: Recommended for various shoes, with a preference for chunky boots and high-top sneakers.
  • Levi’s 505: High-tops like Jordan 1s and Dunk Highs are favored, along with Chuck 70s and all-white forces for a more casual look.


So, both Levi’s 550 and 505 models have their unique features and styling potential. The 550s offer a wide fit with a sturdy structure, making them versatile for various occasions.

Meanwhile, the 505s are celebrated for their straight fit and compatibility with various jackets, tops, and sneakers. Your choice may depend on body shape, preferred fit, and styling preferences.