How to Make a Halloween Ghost Costume – (6 Easy Steps)

Last Updated on October 21, 2023

Halloween is just around the corner, and what’s more iconic than a spooky ghost costume for the occasion? This article will show you how to make a Halloween ghost costume using simple materials and a touch of creativity.👻

Make a Halloween Ghost Costume


  • Transform a simple bedsheet into a chilling Halloween ghost costume.
  • Step-by-step guide for creating your own spooky and stylish outfit.
  • Learn how to craft a ghostly design using black fabric and fusible web.
  • Complete your costume with a customized hood for an eerie touch.
  • Perfect your Halloween look, and get ready to impress at your spooky gatherings.

Materials You’ll Need

Before you start crafting your ghost costume, gather the following materials:

  1. An old double bedsheet
  2. Strings
  3. Black fabric
  4. Fusible web suitable for appliqué
  5. A sewing kit
  6. A sewing machine

Steps to Make a Halloween Ghost Costume 👻

Make a Halloween Ghost Costume

Step 1: Prepare the Bed Sheet

Begin by taking your old double bedsheet and folding it into quarters. Lay it flat on the floor.

Step 2: Create the Ghost Shape

Create the Ghost Shape
Create the Ghost Shape

Tie a piece of string to your pen, ensuring it’s longer than the folded quarter edge of your sheet. Hold the string at the corner and mark the widest arc you can. Cut along this line. This forms the body of your ghost costume.

Step 3: Make the Hood

Make the Hood
Making the Hood

To create the hood:

  1. Take the double-layered piece you just cut off.
  2. Measure your head and add five centimeters.
  3. Divide this measurement by four and mark another arc on the remaining corner of the fabric.
  4. Cut it out.
  5. Fold this piece in half and sew the two pieces together, leaving one edge open. This will serve as the back of the hood.

Step 4: Attach the Hood

Attach the Hood
Attaching the Hood

With the hood piece ready, turn it right side out. Pin it to the neck hole of the ghost costume, matching the right sides of the fabric to ensure the seams are on the inside. Sew along the edge to secure the hood of the costume.

Step 5: Create a Spooky Design

Create a Spooky Design
Create a Spooky Design

Using black fabric and fusible web, create a spooky design for your costume. Carefully iron the fusible web to the wrong side of the dark fabric, ensuring you iron the papery side and not the gluey side. Sketch out your design with a pencil, making sure to reverse any letters.

Cut out each part of your design and remove the paper layer, leaving the glue fused to your dark fabric. Arrange and press the design pieces onto your costume using a hot iron.

Step 6: Sew Your Design

Sew Your Design
Sew Your Design

Lastly, sew around the outside edge of all the cutout pieces to ensure they are securely attached to your ghost costume.

With that, your Halloween ghost costume is ready to spook everyone who crosses your path!

Last Words

Creating a Halloween ghost costume doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few basic materials and some simple sewing, you can craft a spooky and fun costume that’s perfect for the season. Get creative with your design, and don’t forget to wear your best ghostly face to complete the look. Happy Halloween!

Share your ghostly creations or ask any questions you may have about crafting the perfect Halloween ghost costume in the comments below. I’d love to hear about your spooky adventures!👻🎃

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