How Much Does a Monogram Machine Cost?

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

Do you ever walk into a store and see a t-shirt with someone’s initials and wonder how they were put there? The answer is it’s probably a monogram machine! Monogram machines are used by companies to imprint custom designs onto apparel quickly. If you are interested in buying one of these machines, Then you’ll want to know exactly how much does a monogram machine cost?

How Much Does a Monogram Machine Cost
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Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer because the prices vary widely depending on the type of monogram machine you buy.

Here, I’ll give you an overview of the different types of monogram machines and their price. I will also share some tips on finding good deals so that you can get a high-quality machine without spending an arm and a leg.

What Factors Affects the Total Cost?

In addition to the price of your machine itself, several potential extras can affect your total cost, including thread stands, scissors, cleaning supplies, stabilizers, embroidery threads, and stabilizer sprays.

Each item has its own cost, so factor these into your budget before investing in a new machine. You will also want to consider any training costs associated with using a particular brand or model.

The Cost of Different Types of Monogram Machines

The price of a monogram machine can vary widely depending on the type and size you buy. Industrial monogram machines are the most expensive, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. 

Mid-range monogram machines cost anywhere from $600 up to about $2,500 for larger models that offer multiple sizes or additional features such as automatic threading or laser guide control. Entry-level models range from $100 to $300, but these smaller machines have fewer features and do not include accessories such as hoops or frames.

So, How Much Does a Monogram Machine Cost?

how much does a monogram machine cost
Image: Shutterstock, Canva

Monogram machines are used for various applications, from personalizing clothing items with individual styles and logos to creating custom business designs. So, How much does a monogram machine cost? Read to know about the pricing matters available for monogram machines.

  • Primary monogramming machines: These machines are limited to small-scale embroidery tasks that have fewer patterns and embroidery fonts. These models are the best alternatives for beginners, with prices of at most 100-300 dollars. The main cons, in this case, is that you are restricted to the built-in layouts, as there are no import options for you.
  • Intermediate Level Monogram Machines: These machines work perfectly for home use, whether decorating your sheer fabric or even the expensive one. It contains over 100 patterns with a large embroidery field for up to $600. Other than that, some models also support flash drive connectivity, adding more variety.
  • Advanced-level monogram machines: These are dedicated to professional or commercial use or any embroidery business where time efficiency is required to deal with recurring customer orders. With over 100 embroidery designs, a vast font collection, and large workspaces, these models support large-scale projects. These models cost approximately over $1000.

In short, Beginner Monogramming machines can cost under $300 for primary models, up to $600 for intermediate-level Which designed for home use, and over $1000 for advanced-level machines intended for professional or commercial use.

Price and Feature Differences

Monogram machines come in various level, sizes, capabilities and price ranges, depending on the specific application that needs to be addressed. Here I am sharing a table which will give you a clear view of price factor.

LevelFeaturesPrice RangeProsCons
PrimarySmall-scale embroidery, fewer patterns and fontsUnder $300Best for beginnersLimited to built-in layouts
Intermediate100+ patterns, large embroidery field, flash drive connectivityUp to $600Ideal for home use, more varietyNot as efficient for professional use
Advanced100+ designs, vast font collection, large workspaces, suitable for large-scale projectsOver $1000Perfect for professional/commercial use, time efficientHigher cost

So How Do You Select the Perfect One for You?

We have compiled a list of significant factors that you should pay attention to when considering the purchase of your perfect monogramming machine.

1. Functionality of the Machine

The first factor to consider is the type of machine, whether you are going to buy an embroidery machine for monograms only or if you want to sew as well.

We suggest going for a dedicated monogramming machine if you already have a sewing machine available. If both will take up too much space or you want to replace them, then a multi-combo device is a perfect option.

2. Purpose of the Purchase

Embroidery machines vary from one another in terms of features, speed, platform size, available built-in patterns, accessories, and other features. Many people go for the lowest price, compromise on the size of the embroidery field, and underestimate the limits of the number of built-in designs.

We also do not recommend buying a combo model to replace your sewing machine. Many get frustrated with the extra steps to convert embroidery to sewing if they can afford it and need the space.

Also, consider a machine for commercial use. In that case, you should maintain its features and functionality, as many additional features will significantly reduce your working time.

 3. The Monogram Area

Monogramming machines consist of embroidery areas of different sizes depending on the nature of the tasks you will perform.

Most machines come with at least a 4 x 4 workspace, are well suited for small-level jobs, and are a perfect choice for beginners. Some larger projects (or running your monogramming business) require a higher-end model that can handle projects up to 8 x 12.

4. Number of Needles

Monogramming machines are not limited to a single needle; professional applique models have up to 12 needles on a single head.

Single needle machines work perfectly for a single-thread color design, but if you want to work on a multicolor plan, then in this case, it will take some time to change the thread for each color.

If you run a business or design for other professional purposes, this multicolor design cannot be handled with a single-needle machine. Therefore, a multi-needle device might be the best option to consider. With its different needles, you can thread each one with a different color of thread without wasting time.

5. User-friendly Features

The user-friendliness features of any useful product play a decisive role in increasing labor productivity. They also save you time and minimize frustration.

Some of the most outstanding features for the user are:

  1. Electronic needle threading: Most modern monogram models include a dedicated electronic needle threader that frees you from laborious manual threading, allowing you to use the time for other meaningful purposes.
  2. Computerized wire cutting: Another fabulous feature of modern machines is the automatic thread trimming, which also acts as a real-time savior, especially when working on professional or advanced projects.
  3. Screen editing: We recommend that you choose a monogramming machine with a built-in LCD screen that not only helps you select a design of your choice but also allows for on-screen editing, which requires no special editing skills or training.

Video: How to Use Your Monogram Machine

In this video, the skilled instructors at “Sewing Workshop” will demonstrate the entire process of monogramming, from choosing the right machine and materials to perfecting your design and placement. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned sewing enthusiast, this tutorial has valuable tips and tricks to elevate your monogramming skills.

So, grab your sewing supplies and get ready to embark on a creative journey as we dive into the world of monogramming with “Sewing Workshop’s” expert guidance. Watch the video below, and don’t forget to share your monogramming projects with us!


So, when purchasing a quality monogram machine, the best way to determine which one is right for your needs is by carefully researching each option and considering its features within your budget range. Investing in one of these pieces of machinery can help expand your current embroidery business, thus bringing in increased profits from a variety of products!

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