What is the Most Popular Crochet Hook Size?

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

Most Popular Crochet Hook Size: At first glance, it seems that the size of every crochet hook is almost the same, but when knitting, hooks made in different sizes differ. When using the same yarn, you will find that the thinner the hook, the tighter the knit.

What is the Most Popular Crochet Hook Size?

Most Popular Crochet Hook Size

So, before purchasing crochet hooks for beginners, you need to make sure that the size of the hook matches the threads. Otherwise, during operation, you can prick. However, the most popular size of crochet hook is H/8 5 mm.

How to Know if Your Crochet Hook is Suitable for Knitting With Specific Threads?

Most Popular Crochet Hook Size

Before choosing a hook, it is necessary to know the size of the crochet hook. If the size of the hook does not match the threads, this will affect the quality of the future thing. For example, there will be too tight knitting – if the thread is thick, and the hook is vice versa, or uneven loops, stretching – when knitting with a thick hook with thin threads. 

There are 2 ways:

1st Way – Calculate the length per 100 grams of the thread

common crochet needle size
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Hook diameterThread length per 100 g.  
0.5-1mm1600-2000 m
1-1.5mm600-1500 m  
2-2.5 mm300-500 m  
3-3.5250-350 m  
3-4200 m  
5-6100 m or less

Hooks of a larger diameter are used for loose knitting from woolen and semi-woolen yarns.

2nd Way: Manual selection

If there is no information about threads, select the hook according to the thickness of the thread. It would be best to remember that the hook’s size should be approximately 2–2.5 times larger than the thread’s.

Put the thread in the notch of the hook and pull a little. If the thread completely blocks the hook, then the hook is thin. When knitting with such a crochet, the working thread will delaminate, and the product will be too dense.

The hook is large if the thread entirely lies in the recess and leaves a little space. When knitting with such crochet, the product will turn out loose.

Standard Sizes of Crochet Hook for Practical Application

Depending on the thickness of the thread, the number of hooks is selected. “No” is the thickness of the tool in mm.

common crochet needle size
  • No. 0.5 – 1 – for knitting from very thin cotton threads, lace
  • No. 1.25- 1.75 – thin threads
  • No. 2 – 3.5 – for yarn of medium thickness
  • No. 4 – 5 – yarn of medium thickness with a double thread
  • No. 5.5 – 6 – double, fluffy thread
  • No. 7 – 8 – double wool thread, very thick yarn
  • No. 9 and above – super-thick, fluffy yarn, combed tape

The Different Types of Crochet Hooks

Hooks differ primarily in the material. Each of them has its properties.

Most Popular Crochet Hook Size

Made of Plastic

These are the most common and the cheapest hooks for the price. It is very beneficial to use them. The only negative is the electrification of the threads. But this problem is solved with an antiseptic, which processes the yarn and the hook itself.

Most Popular Crochet Hook Size
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It is simply necessary that it not bend too much. Therefore, when acquiring this property, you must check it immediately. Large plastic hooks from No. 5 and above are often used since lightness and strength become the winning points in choosing a tool here.

Made of Wood

Most Popular Crochet Hook Size
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Wood is also a light material. The low price allows them to be updated normally.

Made of Aluminum

These hooks are the most affordable. They are very comfortable and do not electrify the yarn. But they still have more disadvantages since aluminum is a very soft material, and its hooks are very flexible.

Bamboo & Aluminum Crochet Hooks (Amazon)

There is even mechanical damage (notches). In addition, they stain light-colored yarn, especially hands.

Made of Steel

Most Popular Crochet Hook Size
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It is one of the best-fitting types of hooks. You can use them with any yarn, so they are also efficient. There are no downsides to these hooks. In addition, they have an unlimited shelf life.


Most Popular Crochet Hook Size
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It is an excellent tool to knit woolen threads, especially thick ones. Because of its fragility, you must be careful when handling this item. Bone hooks are very expensive.

Combined Hooks

These are such hooks, in which many different materials are used. For example, the rod is metal, and the handle is wooden or plastic.

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These are comfortable hooks. They fit well in hand. Most importantly, make sure that the rod and handle are fixed and not very small and narrow. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the hook will break quickly.

Final Verdict

common crochet needle size

The thread fits entirely into the recess when the hook is selected correctly. The product will be “loop to loop” when knitting with the right size hook. We hope this article will assist you in making the most common crochet needle size selection. Let knitting give you pleasure!

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