Is It Safe to Use Sewing Machine During Pregnancy?

Last Updated on January 9, 2023

Is It Safe to Use Sewing Machine During Pregnancy? Pregnancy comes with its fair share of risks, and for those looking to express their creative side through sewing or other projects, it is important to be sure that these activities won’t cause any harm. So, is it safe to use a sewing machine while pregnant?

Is It Safe to Use Sewing Machine During Pregnancy?

Using Sewing Machine During Pregnancy

The short answer to this question is- Yes, using a sewing machine during pregnancy is safe. No severe issue can affect a pregnant woman due to the use of a sewing machine. In addition, pregnant women should be aware of their unique physical limitations due to their changing bodies. Therefore, it is advisable to take frequent breaks and avoid the prolonged use of the sewing machine.

Since sewing can create repetitive stress and cause back and neck pain, it is better to take caution when operating a sewing machine during pregnancy. Also, women in 8 months of pregnancy or over are recommended to avoid sewing.

To know more about using a sewing machine during pregnancy, keep reading the article until the end.

What Precautions Should a Pregnant Woman Take for Using a Sewing Machine?

If you want to use a sewing machine during your pregnancy, you should ensure that the sewing machine is well-maintained and in good working order.

Pregnant Woman Using Sewing Machine

Then, while sewing, you should ensure you’re not straining yourself too much. Therefore, take a break after a certain period, keep your back straight, and relax.

The last and final precaution you should take is maintaining the right posture and height while using a sewing machine. 

Therefore make sure that you’re sitting in the right posture and maintaining the proper and convenient height for both a sitting chair and sewing machine while using a sewing machine. All these precautions will ensure that your time spent sewing is pleasant and enjoyable.

When Using a Sewing Machine Become Harmful During Pregnancy?

As I stated before, using a sewing machine is not harmful. You can sew with a sewing machine, even during your pregnancy. But this act can cause harm to your health or create complications in your body in the following situations:

  1. You don’t take any precautions like working with a problematic machine that creates stress on your body.
  2. Pro long use of the sewing machine or using the sewing machine in an unusual and inconvenient sitting posture ( ) by creating strain on your belly or shoulder.   

What Will Happen if You Use Sewing Machine During Pregnancy?

If you are in the situations mentioned earlier and don’t take the precautions for that, you may face several physical complications. Here are the possible physical complications that can occur during pregnancy due to unaware use of a sewing machine:

Use Sewing Machine During Pregnancy

1. Repetitive stress injuries

If you use a sewing machine for a long time, then you may face repetitive stress on your body. These injuries may cause due to perform the same task repeatedly for a long. Due to this stress, you may badly face great back, neck, wrists, and shoulder pain.

2. Headaches

Pregnant women can have serious headaches due to excessive sewing machine use or poor lighting in their sewing room.

3. Breathing Problem

During pregnancy, breathing problems can occur whenever pregnant women feel pressure or their diaphragm gets compressed. And this compression impacts their lungs and causes breathing difficulty.

4. Fatigue

Sewing is about indulging arms, hands, and fingers. Continuous use of sewing machines tires these body parts and leads to fainting, which can cause serious harm to the pregnant woman.

Can a Woman Do Needlework During Pregnancy?

We have already proved that it is possible to sew during pregnancy, respectively, and needlework is also not prohibited. You will not harm yourself or your child. Needlework has no contraindications. On the contrary, this is one of the best ways to keep yourself occupied during this beautiful period.

Sewing, as well as knitting, as well as other types of needlework, is suitable for the expectant mother. Such an exciting activity allows you to relieve stress, relax, and distract yourself from all life’s problems. 

For pregnant women, sewing is an enjoyable hobby that allows them to have an exciting time. If you do not want to, do not force yourself to sew because this can spoil the mood.

Can Pregnant Women Use Electric Sewing Machines?

electric sewing machine
Electric sewing machine by SINGER

Electric sewing machines are safe to use during pregnancy. They pose no risk to the mother or child. Using an electronic sewing machine while expecting a baby is safe. Pregnant women can use electric sewing machines without any problems. 

Tips for Using a Sewing Machine while Pregnant

It is typically safe for a woman to use a sewing machine during pregnancy. However, certain measures should be taken to maximize safety and avoid potential hazards.

Take Regular Breaks

Sitting on a sewing chair in one position for too long can cause swelling and strain on joints, leading to pain and discomfort. For this reason, it is important that expecting mothers take regular breaks when using their sewing machine during pregnancy — stand up every 20 minutes or so and stretch out any tightness from long periods without movement. Doing easy exercises such as squats or lunges after taking these breaks will help reduce soreness during prolonged use of the machine while expecting! 

Pay Attention to Your posture 

It is important to ensure you are aware of your posture while working with a sewing machine during pregnancy. When using a sewing machine during pregnancy, you must sit in a proper posture. Your feet should be flat on the ground.

Sitting for long periods can become uncomfortable and increase fatigue levels, so ensuring your posture is correct and taking regular breaks are recommended throughout each session. Slouching or hunching over the machine can cause pain and discomfort in the long run by straining muscles.

Your back should be straight and your arms comfortable when using your machine’s needle and foot controls. Lean back in the chair instead of leaning too far forwards, ensuring comfort throughout the activity.

You may also want to use a foot pedal or knee lever for easier machine use. This could help relieve some of the strain on your body and make room for an ever-growing baby bump!

Be Careful With Fabric Choices

Of course, safety comes first when it comes to fabric choice! While pregnant, avoiding texting light fabrics like chiffon or organza is recommended. The fabric which may contain chemicals that aren’t suitable for expectant mothers. Stick with natural materials such as pure cotton or linen unless previously approved by a physician or midwife/doula for certain projects/designs. 

Choose Machine Projects Wisely

When creating projects on the sewing machine during pregnancy, opt out of complex creations such as dresses with intricate pleats or irregular hemlines; stick with simpler projects such as quilt blocks instead — something that won’t require constant concentration and movement at once, as more complicated designs would necessitate. Simple patterns like t-shirts, leggings, and pillowcases are also great options due to their faster completion time than other pieces (especially useful later in pregnancy when mobility decreases dramatically).

Clean Work Surface

Firstly, the work surface or sewing room where you are working should be clear of all debris and obstacles. This will help reduce the risk of potential slips and falls if you need to move around quickly while operating the machinery. In addition, any loose threads must be cleared away from the working area, as these could cause trips and tangles, resulting in an accident.

Minimize Physical Movement

Finally, ensure accessories such as extra bobbins or tissues are stored within reach to minimize any additional physical movement while operating the machine because moving becomes difficult during pregnancy. It also recommended keeping windows open for adequate ventilation – this will help keep oxygen levels up while keeping temperatures down in that tinny work room!

Overall, if all these guidelines are followed properly, a sewing machine poses no real danger to expecting mothers who would like to continue or start their hobby. At the same time, they await the arrival of their little one into this world!

Final Verdict

Pregnancy can bring changes to your body and your lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean that you have to limit the activities you enjoy. Sewing machines can be a great tool for pregnant women to keep active safely. This is an article about how using a sewing machine can affect pregnancy and what precautions you should take if you plan on continuing with this hobby into your new journey of motherhood. I hope you will find this article helpful.

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