Sewing Machine Keeps Jamming – 4 Reasons & Solutions

Last Updated on July 26, 2022

Hello!!!!!! is your Sewing Machine Keeps Jamming? Before continuing to learn sewing techniques to make your clothes. We will make a small stop to know how to solve the most common or typical problems when sewing we encounter when we are sewing.

Sewing Machine Keeps Jamming

Sometimes if you are beginner and your sewing machine can jam the fabric, although, before that, you sewed many different fabrics and used different sewing needles, and nothing like this happened. Is your machine stopped working and needs a major overhaul?

Why Does My Sewing Machine Keep Jamming?

One of the most typical and common problems is the jamming or winding of the thread in the bobbin case or the lower part of the sewing machine. But first, we will know the main causes of why this happens!!! I will tell you the main causes of this type of problem that I have come across from personal experience.

Sewing Machine Keep Jamming

Let’s take a closer look at what is happening. The sewing machine pulls the fabric through the hole in the needle plate. What could be why the machine is jamming the fabric this way? It is one of the main problems that may arise during the operation of the machine.

  • The first reason is the wrong needle. If you are using knitted fabric or Stretch fabric, then use needles for elastic fabrics. If you are sewing on woven fabric, change the needle and set the needle to be sharper. Set the needle plate with the smallest possible hole so that the needle penetrates the fabric very easily and does not cause compression and stretching of the fibers.
  • Especially wrinkling spoils the picture of the product when you are doing embroidery. The product turns out to be chewed and wrinkled. Even ironing does not help to correct the result. 
  • Embroidery is characterized by a pile of stitches, which is why in total, they can shrink the fabric on which they are located. To eliminate this trouble, many embroiderers use stabilizers for embroidery. Why not use a stabilizer for general sewing?
  • Everyone can find a stabilizer at home. Yes, yes, yes, you can make it from improvised means. A simple example is wrapping paper or newspaper. Plain paper can do wonders! Carefully iron the fabric, and put the paper on it. You can even have more than one layer. After you make a line, tear off the paper and see what happens.
  • There are stabilizers in the form of spray – glue. The glue stabilizes the structure of the fabric for a while. And then evaporates, and the fabric takes on its former properties. 

Sometimes it is more convenient to use a spray and sometimes a tape. Some stabilizers are soluble in water. They last until the first wash. And some break down at high temperatures. They last until the first ironing.

4 Reasons for Sewing Machine Keeps Jamming

Many people buy a modern sewing machine with many decorative stitches. They try beautiful lines in practice and remain dissatisfied with the result. They forget or don’t know they need to use stabilizers when embroidering and sewing decorative stitches

Sewing Machine Keeps Jamming

Of course, computer sewing machines can automatically adjust the thread tension to the fabric weight, improving the result. However, the stabilizer is still the most reliable tool because it helps to feed the fabric under the needle smoothly.

It happens that you use very delicate fabrics. No matter how you change the thread tension with the tension controls, nothing helps to achieve the desired result. And even our tips for getting a beautifully even stitch did not help you. Here there are some reasons for sewing machine keeps jamming and their solution.

1. Use of Poor-Quality Threads

poor-quality threads

We often crave and buy wonderful boxes of a thousand colored threads in non-specialized stores, which are also very cheap!!!! Well, this type of thread, and threads that we buy that are not of a recognized brand or sound quality, are usually the cause of the thread wrapping and jamming in the lower part of the machine.

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My recommendation: learn how to proper thread and use branded threads. 

2. A Bad Winding of the Bobbin


It means that no matter how hard we try to sew, it winds up repeatedly without respite. It is best to remove all the thread from the bobbin and throw it away or use that bobbin for the top of the sewing machine. And rewind the bobbin correctly.

3. Improper Thread Tension

Thread tension
Thread tension

The normal for sewing fabrics such as cotton and garment manufacturing is a 4. We should adjust an adequate tension for the rest of the fabrics and work.

4. Complicated Fabrics

Either because they are very thin or because they do not go through the presser foot well, the fact is that they get stuck and make knots at the bottom.


And if we have checked all of the above and the machine still does not work, and it is these days that there is no human way for it to work, the best thing is to stop and rest or pick up the work the next day.

What to Do When the Sewing Machine Keeps Jamming?

When jams occur, or the thread is wrapped under the presser foot, it is best to stop the machine and remove the bobbin case to remove the wrapped threads from inside the machine. 

Sewing Machine Keeps Jamming

Another of the most typical or common problems is that the needle of the sewing machine breaks while we are sewing. It usually happens because the machine needle we use is unsuitable for the fabrics we work with. 

There are different thicknesses of machine needles, adapting to the fabrics we work with. For example, leatherette, leather, or very rigid fabrics will need a needle with a higher number than a finer fabric, which on the contrary, would need a finer needle or a smaller number.