5 Best Sewing Machines for Shoemaking in 2023 – (Reviewed)

Best Sewing Machines for Shoemaking

Having the right sewing machine is crucial if you want to make your own sneakers. Shoemaking requires precise stitching, which can be challenging with a regular sewing machine. It’s important to have a machine that can handle the thickness and durability of shoe materials. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose …

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Sewing Machine Needle Sizes & Types

Sewing Machine Needle Sizes & Types

Hello, one more day! We are going to continue and extend the post that we left you a few days ago about machine sewing needles. As we said, we all know that needles and thread are very important parts of the sewing machine to achieve a good result in our seams, but do we know …

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LX3817 Brother Sewing Machine – (Review)

LX3817 Brother Sewing Machine

Hi everyone, this is Malinda Bailey from TheSewingStuffs. Today, I will be reviewing the Brother LX3817 sewing machine, which is available at Walmart also in Amazon. As a fashion lover and avid sewer, I wanted to explore the capabilities of this affordable machine and share my experience with you. Here in this review, I will …

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Can I Sew at Night – Is It Bad?

Can I Sew at Night

Can I Sew at Night? Sewing is a time-honored craft that allows us to express our creativity and bring our ideas to life with fabric and thread. However, amid the rich tapestry of sewing traditions and practices, some superstitions have woven their way into the fabric of this beloved craft. One such superstition revolves around …

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Rope Bowl or Basket Making Tutorial – (in 6 Steps)

Rope Bowl or Basket

Have you ever wanted to make your own rope bowl or basket, but didn’t know where to start? With just a few supplies and some patience, you can create a beautiful and functional piece of home decor that is sure to impress your friends and family. Basket and bowl-making have been around for centuries, and …

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Coverstitch Vs. Overlock: What Are the Differences?

Coverstitch Vs. Overlock

Coverstitch Vs. Overlock: Coverstitch and overlock are two types of sewing machines used for different purposes. An overlock machine is used to sew the edges of fabric together to prevent fraying. It creates a finished edge that is both neat and durable. Overlock machines can also be used to sew seams, but they are primarily …

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Janome 500e vs. 550e – What is the Difference?

Janome 500e vs. 550e

Janome 500e vs. 550e: The most significant distinction is the 550e’s larger hoop size, which provides more space for your embroidery projects. This is especially useful for those working on larger projects or running a business requiring a larger embroidery area. While the 550e is the newer version in the Memory Craft series, the 500e …

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Is Janome 3160 Low Shank?

Is Janome 3160 Low Shank

If you are a quilter looking for a sewing machine that can deliver top-of-the-line features while remaining affordable, The Janome 3160 may be for you. The Janome 3160 is a full-featured machine designed specifically for quilters, with a reputation for dependability and quality. Here, we will answer the question: “Is the Janome 3160 a low-shank …

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Janome vs. Babylock – Which is Better?

Janome vs. Babylock

Discover which is better Janome or Babylock. If you’re considering investing in a new sewing machine, chances are you’ve come across the two popular brands, Janome and Babylock. While both companies have a strong reputation for producing high-quality sewing machines, there are some key differences that might influence your decision. Janome vs. Babylock Comparison Here, …

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Singer 4411 vs. 4452 – Compared All Differences

Singer 4411 vs. 4452

Singer 4411 vs. 4452: In the sewing machine market, Singer is a well-known brand offering dependable, high-quality equipment. The Singer 4411 and 4452 are two well-liked models in their heavy-duty range. There are several significant differences between the two machines, although both were made to handle heavy fabrics like denim and leather. Singer 4411 and …

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