What Shoes to Wear with Long Dress – 10 Recommendations

Last Updated on February 28, 2024

What Shoes to Wear with Long Dress: The length of a female dress plays a significant role when choosing a specific type of shoe. Because when you pair your shoes with a long dress, you may wonder what shoes to wear with the dress. You need to pair your long summer or winter dress with shoes.

Shoes to Wear with Long Dress

So, if you want to get ideas and pair your long dress with shoes successfully, you’re at the right place. This article will teach you about the most traditional and modern combinations you can use in your fashion. 

What Shoes to Wear With Long Dress?

Long dresses or maxi dresses are in fashion nowadays. We see more and more women wearing long dresses for both formal and informal occasions. But even though they are lovely and flattering, choosing the right shoes is usually a bit of a complicated task for many, and when the time comes, doubts prevail.

Therefore, you must know the fabric and style of the dress. You should also consider whether you are dealing with a garment for winter, summer, or intermediate seasonal times such as autumn or spring.

In addition, you should not choose the occasion, ceremony, or party dress to wear with the types of shoes that are suitable for boring casual dresses.

How to Choose Shoes for Long Dresses?

The types of shoes to wear with a long dress are many. When choosing shoes for long dresses, you must consider several factors which are challenging to define. It not only depends on whether it is a casual or a party dress but also on personal preferences like whether you prefer comfort or aesthetics or an intermediate one. 

How to Choose Shoes for Long Dresses

Here are some criteria that will help you choose the shoes for a long dress in summer, winter, and for every occasion, event, work, or walk. 


If comfort is paramount without sacrificing elegance and glamor in the look, pay attention to the following issues:

  • Shoe material: For a shoe to be comfortable, the material should be soft enough to allow the natural movement of the front foot when walking. If the material is too rigid, it takes away the freedom of action and can cause blisters for a week.
  • Heel width: The wider the heel, the more comfortable the shoe. It is because the weight is distributed over a larger area.
  • Platform: The platform at the front of the shoe works by cushioning the footprint. When looking for comfortable heels, the platform is the main ally.
  • Silicone insoles: If all else fails, you can use a silicone pad to soften the gait. In addition to quality and comfort, you have to think about aesthetics. You also have to consider color if you want to find shoes for long party dresses that add style to the look.


Elegant shoes are defined as the characteristic of being exceptionally beautiful and simple. It is about harmony in the dress, and that is what you want to generate with the shoes. They don’t have to be expensive or overdone. What matters is that they balance with the long dress and enhance the figure. For that, the best option is heeled shoes.

Anklet-type bracelet

Be careful about sandals with an anklet-type bracelet since they generally shorten the leg. If your ankle is wide, it is better to discard this option or choose a model with a thin bracelet.

Stiletto Heels

Stiletto heels never go out of style. They are fine, simple, and look impeccable with an extended wardrobe. However, there are more comfortable options. 

Arch of the shoe

A well-designed arch, which fits naturally to the foot, can make a huge difference. If the arch starts where the metatarsal ends and extends to the back of the heel, it’s a poorly made shoe that won’t provide support and is likely to cause pain. Ideally, the heel could be more inclined.

Cue size

The ideal height is between 2.5 and 7.5 cm. Wearing more high-heeled shoe changes how you walk and puts unnecessary pressure on your lower back, knees, and ankles. However, in the case of an elegant party, you can wear shoes of up to 10 cm without compromising your comfort.

What Type of Shoe Doesn’t Goes With a Long Dress?

The “forbidden” option for the long party dress is flat shoes. For comfort and for women who are not used to good heels, it is the best option, undoubtedly.

With a long dress, you should opt for the high-heel option as long as it allows you to walk naturally. And, of course, for those women, who don’t know how long they will sustain with high heels, it is advisable to bring some folding ballerinas for emergencies.

What Shoes to Wear with Long Dress in Summer

What Shoes to Wear with Long Dress in Summer
Photo by Dimitri Dim

In summer, the fabrics of the dresses are light and flowing, and the colors are more striking. The footwear to match long dresses is usually lighter and fresh footwear. In most cases, it is recommended to avoid wearing uncomfortable heels with which the effort when walking is greater:

1. Ballet flats

Ballet flats

The Ballerinas or Ballet flats are the most common option worn by women when they wear a long dress. They are usually shoes without a heel or a slight heel that adapts to the foot comfortably. In contrast, they have thin soles, so walking with this type of footwear can be somewhat more uncomfortable.

2. Espadrilles

Sandals or espadrilles are the perfect summer footwear with fabulous ruffled sundresses. You can opt for sandals without a heel or with a platform, or caught at the ankle.


In the case of sandals, anything goes: nude, beige, gold, silver, glitter, glitter, sandals in full color, or with rhinestones. Of course, it is always recommended that they have a fine cut and that the strips are not thick.

3. Stilettos

The perfect match for the long dress is some pretty stilettos, dazzling or simple. They will turn your foot look excellent and sexy. For closed shoes, the texture of the moment is patent leather and nude, or beige colors, one or two shades darker than the skin, to achieve a visual sensation of greater height.


The stilettos or salon-type heels are the most traditional footwear that pairs perfectly with long dresses and, in general, any dress or pants. They refine the figure and lengthen the legs. If you want to wear these heels, remember that it is necessary to know how to avoid foot pain from wearing heels.

4. Heeled Sandals

Heeled Sandals

High-heeled sandals are feminine footwear that undoubtedly favors any woman the most. They usually are made up of a strap that surrounds the fingers and another strap for the ankle, although there are variants with more than two straps or strings that tune the foot to a larger size.

5. Mules


Mules are a very comfortable type of shoe whose front ends in a point, making it a low shoe that lengthens the leg. The front of the shoe is covered while the back is exposed, and the heel is relatively small but fine.

6. Clogs


The well-known clogs are shoes similar to mules but with a thicker structure. The front part is round and has a heel. This type of footwear gives a unique look to long dresses.

What Shoes to Wear with Long Dress in Winter

What Shoes to Wear with Long Dress in Winter
Photo by Godisable Jacob

In the winter, the dresses tend to be thicker (in jersey fabric if they are casual dresses). It is then necessary to know what types of shoes we will wear to protect our feet from low temperatures:

7. Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots in winter or halftime help us get comfortable but stylish. You can choose ankle boots with both thick and thin heels. This shoe serves us for many occasions and is very versatile.

8. Boots


The medium and high boots are especially interesting for dresses with a central or side opening that allows the entire boot to be seen.

9. Sneakers


White dresses or tennis shoes are widely used for white dresses when we want to take a walk around the city or do much more casual activity. Keep them on your shoe list for long dresses because they will always get us out of trouble.

10. Casual

Long dresses can also be casual. In this case, the options are broader and do not necessarily require high heels. The latest trend is to pair a long and wide dress with short boots. The ankle boot can have fringes, studs, or buckles. In contrast, a slight heel can go a long way.


You can also wear a long casual dress with low, open-heeled suede. But it is best to pair a dress with low sandals if it is a look for the beach. Earth tones are ideal if your dress has flowers, and black is preferable if your dress has colorful prints.

Recommendation of 4 Best Shoes for Long Dress

When choosing shoes for a long dress, everything will depend on the event and the dress codes accompanying it. However, high heels are one of the most recommended because they tend to stylize the figure, making you more elegant and will make you look taller.

Best Shoes for Long Dress

For this reason, thin-strap sandals with stiletto heels are among the most recommended options by fashion consultants since they pair perfectly with elegant dresses, make your legs look longer, and you will look more refined. This option usually stands out for its straps’ simplicity and the balance they bring to the rest of the shoe that accompanies your outfit.

However, shoes with a lower heel can also go well with a long dress as long as the context is more informal. Flat footwear is more comfortable and matches flowery and flowing dresses.

Also, closed models such as ankle boots are among the options if you spend many hours on your feet since this type of footwear provides greater grip up to your ankle. In addition to giving you a quite comfortable look, this shoe pairs with long dresses whose fabric is thicker or whose style is more formal.

And if the context is more informal, another alternative is classic thin-soled white sneakers because they easily adapt to long jean dresses and provide a contrast that matches the prints. With them, you will be fashionable and have a comfortable look. If what you are looking for is one of the recommendations we detail, here we will suggest 4 different shoe options that you can pair with your long dress and that you can find online.

1. Steve Madden – Heeled Sandal

Steve Madden Women’s Bradshaw Heeled Sandal
Upper materialSynthetic upper material
Made inUSA or Imported
Sole materialSynthetic Rubber sole
Heel measuresApproximately 4.25″
Stiletto Heel4.25″
Almond ToeOpen Almond Toe

It is crafted from leather. These slim Steve Madden Bradshaw sandals will give you an elegant silhouette and can be adapted to any dress. It features a slim ankle strap and minimal bow at the front for a perfectly understated feminine touch. They have no platform, they have a stiletto heel, and they come in four different colors.

2. Madden Girl Women’s Sydneyy Heeled Sandal

Madden Girl Women’s Sydneyy Heeled Sandal
Material100% Synthetic
Ankle strapAnkle strap for a secure fit
FootComfortable padded footbed
ToeOpen toe, Buckle closure
Heel2-in. heel

These Madden Girl sandals are perfect if you want to be stylish and comfortable. They are made of synthetic material and covered with a fine soft fabric. Her short heel is blocky and has a thin ankle strap and buckle closure. For the spring season, they are perfect, and you can pair them with flowery dresses.

3. Amazon Essentials Women’s Ankle Boot

Amazon Essentials Women’s Ankle Boot
MaterialFaux suede/faux leather upper and lining with faux leather sock
InsolePadded insole
ZipperInside zipper
Heel2″ Heel

The Amazon Essentials Women’s Ankle Boot from the well-known brand are covered in shiny crocodile-textured leather, making them look patent. Their heels are thick and have a discreet opening at the ankle. Users think that they are comfortable and do not leave their feet exposed. This footwear pairs with long dresses in slightly more executive contexts, for example, when you go to the office.

4. Adidas – Stan Smith

adidas Originals Unisex-Adult Stan Smith (2016) Trainers, 8
Material100% Leather
SoleRubber sole
MeasurementShaft measures approximately low-top from arch
Platform measures approximately 0-3 inches
Boot opening measures approximately 0-3 inches around
Cup soleRubber

The classic Adidas Stan Smith shoes can be used with thousands of long dresses since they are extremely simple, versatile, and offer subtlety. They are ivory white low and have almost no details that can worry you, but they have a tongue on the back of the ankle that you can pair according to your favorite color. These shoes are ideal when you wear a long striped dress or jeans.

People Also Ask – FAQ

What Shoes to Wear With a Long Dress for Marriage?

A sleek minimum heel is ideal for your long gown if the wedding is formal. You can also pair your long dress with a shiny lace-up heel. If the wedding is semi-formal, wear your long gown with dressier flats with embellishments.

Can You Wear Flats With a Long Dress?

There is no wrong if you prefer comfort and a laid-back look over stylish pair of heel shoes for your long dress. Yes, you can wear flat shoes with your long dress also. 

Are Your Shoes Supposed to Show in a Long Dress?

Since long dresses usually graze the floor, your shoes aren’t supposed to show in a long dress while you are standing.


Each dress calls for a type of shoe that fits perfectly to the occasion. Find the perfect match for your dress!

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