Fabric Softener on Jeans? – Should You Use?

Last Updated on August 12, 2023

Should You Use Fabric Softener on Jeans? Jeans have won the love of all fashionistas worldwide, but it is challenging to wash such trousers properly. But their service life and appearance directly depend on this. Then, how to care for this unique material so that it impresses with its deep color and durability?

Here are some practical tips, following which you will allow your clothes to serve you even longer!

Can Fabric Softener Ruin Jeans? Is Fabric Softener Bad for Denim?

Before washing your jeans, learn how to prepare them for this process. First, you need to empty your pockets – even if you think you took everything out before, it’s worth checking.

Should You Use Fabric Softener on Jeans


A forgotten handkerchief, for example, in the washing machine will break up into hundreds of tiny particles that will stick to the fabric and be difficult to remove. Also, remember to turn your jeans inside out and fasten all buttons and zippers. Thanks to this, they will not catch on other materials during washing.

Should You Use Fabric Softener on Jeans?

So, Can I use fabric softener when washing jeans? It is preferable to use liquid detergent. Using fabric softener is not recommended, as it can leave stains on the garment. Always wash without adding fabric softener. And the explanation is simple: the more you soften the fabric of jeans, the faster they wear out.

It also matters in what mode jeans should be washed. This material does not like heat, so jeans should be washed at a maximum temperature of 30-40° C. It all depends, of course, on the information on the label. 

However, most manufacturers recommend washing at 30°C. This will protect your jeans from losing their original shape.

Does Fabric Softener Spoil Jeans?

We can say no once we know how it works and affects clothes. It does not spoil the jeans overall because it deteriorates the fabrics, but you have already seen that it can cause them to lose some of their properties.

Does Fabric Softener Spoil Jeans

Thus, in the garments for which it is indicated, it will improve the softness of the fabrics, add a good smell, eliminate other difficult odors and facilitate ironing. However, the best thing for garments that are not indicated is to use a neutral soap.

Does fabric softener stretch jeans?

Yes, fabric softener mixed with lukewarm water can be sprayed on clean jeans to help stretch them out. Wearing wet jeans while squatting, jumping, or lunging can further ease the fabric’s stretching process. Wet jeans tend to stretch better due to the loosening effect on the fabric.

How to Enlarge or Stretch Jeans With Fabric Softener?

Suppose you bought jeans but were confident and did not try them on in the store, and now at home, you notice that they are a bit tight. If that happens, or you have jeans that have lasted you for years, but your body, like everyone else’s, has had changes in its weight, or you washed them wrong, and they shrank, you should know that there is a solution. 

Is it possible?
Yes, it is possible to enlarge them with fabric softener! Fabric softener can be a great ally to enlarge your jeans.

So, keep reading if you want to know how to enlarge jeans with fabric softener! 

Step-by-step Process to Stretch Jeans With Fabric Softener:

As we have already mentioned, you can Stretch a pair of jeans slightly or moderately or even make them a few sizes larger. If what you need is the latter case, then do the following:

  1. Add warm water and a teaspoon of fabric softener to a spray bottle.
  2. Lay the jeans on the (clean) floor and spray the fabric softener mixture on them
  3. Then, stand on the jeans to fix them well on the ground and stretch only the areas that squeeze you.
  4. When satisfied with the results, set the jeans out to air dry.

Does fabric softener help stiff jeans?

Yes, fabric softener can help soften stiff jeans. Following these steps, you can prepare a solution of fabric softener and water, soak the jeans for at least 30 minutes, and then wring them out gently. This process can help make your jeans more comfortable to wear.

Will Fabric Softener Soften Denim?

Yes, fabric softener can soften denim. Though denim is sturdy and requires more care than other fabrics, fabric softener on your jeans can make them feel softer.

Recommendations form the Editor

  • To avoid fading, while pouring the softener mixture on the jeans, ensure they are in an inconspicuous area. Remember that the jeans can be made with different fabrics, some more sensitive than others.
  • Remember that when stretching, do not exert much force; go slowly to prevent your jeans from ripping.

Now you have a perfect trick in case you need to enlarge a pair of jeans that you are already dying to wear, but some areas are too tight.

So, What is the Best Way to Soften Jeans?

The best way to soften jeans is to mix some vinegar with hot water (1 cup vinegar to 8 cups hot water) and make a mixture to apply to the jeans. This mixture can be applied directly to the jeans, either with a spray bottle or by pouring it over the fabric. This process can be done in a washing machine or the sink.

A Quick Helping Video

Brenna’s Youtube video on How to Soften or not Your Jeans. Brenna shares her expertise on the pros and cons of using fabric softener on denim and provides practical tips for maintaining the color, shape, and feel of your jeans.

Source: Detroit Denim Co.


Are you looking for a way to make your jeans softer and more pliable during washing? Then fabric softener can be an excellent option in these situations. In this article, we have provided you with all the information you require concerning applying fabric softener to jeans. We hope you will find this write-up helpful. 

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  1. Has anyone else experienced issues with fabric conditioner damaging Lycra? I’m wondering if this could be the cause if your clothes contain Lycra.

  2. Yes, fabric conditioner can indeed damage Lycra. If your clothes have Lycra in them, that might be the reason for the damage you’re experiencing. It’s best to avoid using fabric conditioner with Lycra-containing garments to preserve their quality.

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