Singer 1507 Sewing Machine Review

Last Updated on February 7, 2023

Singer 1507 Sewing Machine Review: Sewing Machines were discovered by Elias Howe, who wanted to introduce this product to the market to establish clothing centers and make people interested in them. The first Singers were designed to be used in larger jobs, such as factories, but, seeing that people could use them in the domestic field, they aroused great interest in many people.

Singer 1507

For this reason, we can find many models on the market that can be used in professional and domestic fields. Therefore, the sale or manufacture of the same has been raised.

Now, if you are looking for a sewing machine that works to get started in the field of sewing that is functional and can help you make your clothes, the Singer 1507 is for you. 

This model undoubtedly has a lot to offer you, but if you still need to learn everything it has for you, come with me, and I’ll show you!

Singer 1507 Sewing Machine Review

Singer 1507

Let’s get down to business a bit and talk about the Singer 1507 Sewing Machine.


It will allow you to make up to 7 different utility stitches, includes the invisible stitch, and has an automatic 4-step buttonhole.

Singer 1507

You can regulate these stitches in width and length using a digital screen that perfectly shows their characteristics.

Free Arm

Singer 1507

So that you can sew on tubular surfaces, this machine has a free arm, allowing you to make sleeves, cuffs, and other small garments. In addition, you can make sure that your garments are well-sewn since it has a recoil lever that prevents fraying in the long term.


You will be able to observe your sewing area thanks to the integrated light perfectly; it has a thread tension regulator so that you can sew properly.


It works with about 85 Watts of power to provide an excellent job. Also, a vertical coil system with a maximum width of 5mm.

Knee lifter

It has a knee lifter that will help you sew up to 3mm thick fabrics. It also has an automatic winder system that will automatically locate the thread in the lane.

Presser foot tension

Singer 1507

You can adjust the presser foot tension with two needle positions. On the other hand, it provides comfort by integrating an easy threading guide to see what you must do to achieve this objective perfectly.


Singer 1507

It includes accessories such as:

  • Universal clamps.
  • Zipper foot.
  • Buttonhole foot.
  • Button presser foot.
  • L-shaped screwdriver
  • Sewing ripper.
  • Needle pack.
  • 3 Quills.
  • Edge guide.
  • Roasted plate.
  • Pedal.
  • Power cord.

Technical Data – Singer 1507 Sewing Machine

Singer 1507
Weight7 kg
Dimension36 x 22 x 43 cm
Power85 Watts


What are the advantages?
– Visible stitch.
– Hopefully, in 4 times.
– Finishing lever.
– Stitch size regulation.
– Free arm.
– Integrated light.
– Automatic winder.
– Thread tension regulator.
– Reverse lever.
– Bobbin vertical.
– Threading guide.
– Cortahilo lateral.
– Stitch selector.
– Easy to handle.
– Simple.
– Additional accessories.


What are some disadvantages?
– It does not work with a double needle.

Singer 1507 Sewing Machine – Our Opinions

Thanks to the good reputation that the Singer brand has earned over the years. Their users have felt totally in tune with the SINGER 1507 model, expressing in comments what it has been like to have this machine in their homes. And therefore, we have collected some for you.

Among the positives, it can make visible stitches, which you can vary in 9 different designs. Along with this, it stands out that you can regulate both the width and length of the stitch according to the garment and the fabric you will work with.

Another of these comments is that it has many accessories that can help you improve your work and how well you can use the machine.

It also stands out that it has a finishing lever that provides security when making, since this way, your seam will not fray. Likewise, you can regulate the thread tension automatically to work the different garments correctly.

However, there are some negative comments, and the main one is that the instruction manual is not in multi-languages. And users report that it would be a great machine if it worked with a double needle.

People also ask – FAQ

How to thread a singer 1507 sewing machine?

If you are looking to thread your Singer 1507 sewing machine, there are a few key steps you need to follow to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

First, make sure that you have the correct thread for your machine. Most Singer 1507 models use standard thread, but it’s always best to check the manual or the thread packaging to make sure.

Next, you will need to thread your machine’s upper threading lever. This is typically located on the right side of the machine and should be clearly labeled with an “Upper Thread” or “U” indicator. To thread it, hold the thread spool in one hand and use your other hand to guide the thread through each slot on the upper threading lever.

Once your thread is properly inserted, you can thread the bobbin. To do this:

  1. Remove any existing bobbins from your machine and load a new one into the bobbin slot.
  2. Hold the thread spool in one hand and thread the thread through the hole in the bobbin.
  3. Pull the thread to the left side of the machine and guide it into the bobbin case slot.

Once your threading is complete, you should be ready to start sewing with your Singer 1507! 

Just make sure to always adjust your thread tension settings as needed based on the type and weight of fabric that you are working with. 

And remember to keep your machine well-maintained and regularly clean out any thread debris or lint from the thread guides and bobbin area. With these simple steps, you can enjoy years of trouble-free sewing using your Singer 1507 model.

How do you use a Singer 1507 sewing machine?

When using a Singer 1507 sewing machine, it is essential to be familiar with the different functions and settings of the machine. 

You should start by threading your machine according to the specific instructions for your particular model. Next, you will want to choose your desired stitch pattern, depending on what type of project you are working on. Finally, use the machine’s foot pedal to control the speed and pressure of your sewing. With these basic tips, you can use your Singer 1507 sewing machine easily and confidently.

Can singer 1507 sew backward?

Yes, singer 1507 can sew backward! It is because the singer sewing machine is specially designed with a reverse lever that allows you to easily and quickly switch between forward and backward stitches.

This feature makes making changes to your project or repairing any mistakes while working on it easy. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced seamstress, having the option to sew backward with your singer 1507 will allow you to achieve a variety of different sewing techniques easily. 

So if you’re looking for a reliable and versatile sewing machine to help you create beautiful projects, look no further than the singer 1507.

How do you load a bobbin Singer 1507?

To load a bobbin in your Singer 1507 sewing machine, place a spool of thread on the spindle at the top of the machine. Then, remove any leftover thread from your previous project by pulling it away from the left side of the sewing arm.

Next, hold down the lever above the bobbin compartment, and slide the bobbin into place. Finally, turn the hand wheel on the side of your machine to wind the bobbin with thread. When you’re done loading your bobbin, press down on the lever to release it, and begin sewing!

Conclusion: Why Buy the Singer 1507 Sewing Machine?

The Singer 1507 sewing machine is fairly simple, so it works perfectly for domestic work, especially for people who are inexperienced and in the learning stage.

This machine’s functions are diverse, but they are characterized by being part of the most basic sewing routines; with it, it will not be difficult to learn to sew and then expand to another level.

This sewing machine has excellent basic features essential for learning to sew, including stitch size regulation, free arm, automatic winder, and threading guide, which are simple but necessary functions.

On the other hand, it is found that it has a recoil lever and integrated light, which, when combined, provide excellent results. 

Likewise, it facilitates all the facts of having a digital screen that shows the stitches with which we can work, the different types of fabric, and its size.

To contribute to this, it includes many accessories that will make your experience more enjoyable. You must take into account that this model contains instructions and does not provide the option of sewing with a double needle.

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