Singer 6380 Vs. 4423: Which One Is Better?

Last Updated on September 9, 2023

Discover differences between Singer 6380 vs. 4423: If you are in the market for a new sewing machine torn between Singer’s HD6380 and 4423 models, With so many options and features available, deciding which one is right for you can be overwhelming.

The Singer 6380 and 4423 are two of their popular models, each with its own unique set of features and capabilities.

Before deciding, it’s important to understand the differences between these two machines and what they can offer. Here, we’ll compare the Singer 6380 and 4423 to help you decide which sewing machine is best suited for your needs.

The Singer 6380 and the Singer 4423 are two popular sewing machines with distinct features and capabilities. Let’s compare them to help you decide which one suits your needs.

Singer 6380 vs. 4423 – What is the main difference?

What is the main difference between Singer 6380 vs. 4423? The main difference between the Singer 6380 and the Singer 4423 is that the Singer 6380 is a computerized sewing machine with advanced features, while the Singer 4423 is a heavy-duty mechanical sewing machine.

FeatureSinger 6380Singer 4432
Built-In Stitches & SpeedOffers 110 stitches, Adjustable stitch length, 110 stitches per minuteOffers 32 stitches, Standard 6mm stitch length, 110 stitches per minute
Motor Power84 watts, 120 volts60% more powerful motor than other models
Max Stitch Length & FootsMax stitch length , adjustable Offers 9 footsMax stitch length 6mm, Offers 4 foots
Weight, Dimension & FabricStainless steel bodyMetal interior, plastic exterior cover
ApplicationSuitable for heavy-duty sewingSuitable for light-medium sewing
Feature AccessoriesLCD screen, embroidery foot Clearance plateNo LCD screen, missing speed control slider, No clearance plate
Price Range$249 – $299$160 – $270
Warranty FeaturesLabor warranty: 1 year Electrical parts: 5 years Mechanical parts: 25 yearsLabor warranty: 90 days Electrical parts: 2 years Mechanical parts: 25 years
Singer 6380 vs. 4423

The Singer 6380 is a computerized sewing machine with a wide range of built-in stitches and features such as an LCD screen, automatic needle threader, and programmable needle up/down. It is versatile and suitable for various projects, especially those involving lightweight to medium-weight fabrics.

On the other hand, the Singer 4423 is a heavy-duty mechanical sewing machine with a powerful motor. It is designed to handle thick fabrics and multiple layers, making it ideal for heavy-duty projects. While it has fewer built-in stitches and lacks some of the advanced features of the 6380, it compensates with its durability and ability to sew at high speeds.

So, the Singer 6380 offers versatility and advanced features, while the Singer 4423 is focused on heavy-duty sewing tasks and robust construction. Your choice depends on the type of projects you plan to undertake and the fabrics you will be working with.

Functionality and Features

The Singer 6380 is a computerized sewing machine that offers a range of features to enhance your sewing experience. Its LCD screen provides important information, and the automatic needle threader makes threading a breeze.

With 80 built-in stitches and a programmable needle up/down feature, it’s suitable for various projects. The speed control slider allows you to adjust sewing speed according to your preference.

On the other hand, the Singer 4423 built-in needle threader simplifies threading, and it comes with different presser feet for versatility. While it doesn’t have an LCD screen or as many built-in stitches as the 6380, it compensates with its robust construction.

Sewing Capabilities

The Singer 6380 handles lightweight to medium-weight fabrics effortlessly. Its precision features and versatile stitch selection make it suitable for quilting, home decor, and garment construction.

In contrast, the Singer 4423 shines when it comes to heavy-duty projects and thick fabrics. With its powerful motor and heavy-duty construction, it tackles materials like denim and canvas with ease. It’s perfect for upholstery, heavy-duty clothing, and other projects that require extra strength.

Singer 6380 vs. 4423 – Pros and Cons

Singer 6380 vs 4423

Singer 6380

Singer 6380 vs. 4423


  • Wide range of built-in stitches for creativity
  • Automatic needle threader saves time and effort
  • Programmable needle up/down feature aids in precise sewing
  • Speed control slider allows adjustable sewing speed
  • LCD screen provides essential information
  • Suitable for various projects


  • May not handle heavy-duty fabrics as well as the 4423

Singer 4423

Singer 6380 vs. 4423


  • Powerful motor enables high-speed sewing
  • Built-in needle threader for easy threading
  • Variety of presser feet for different sewing techniques
  • Heavy-duty construction for durability
  • Ideal for heavy-duty projects and thick fabrics
  • Suitable for upholstery and heavy-duty clothing


  • Limited built-in stitches compared to the 6380
  • No LCD screen for stitch selection and information
  • No automatic needle threader


In conclusion, the Singer 6380 and the Singer 4423 cater to different sewing needs. The Singer 6380 is a versatile machine with advanced features, suitable for a wide range of projects. It handles lightweight to medium-weight fabrics and offers convenient options for precision sewing.

The Singer 4423, on the other hand, excels in heavy-duty tasks and is perfect for sewing thick fabrics and multiple layers. Its powerful motor and variety of presser feet make it a go-to option for demanding projects.

Consider your sewing requirements, the types of fabrics you’ll be working with, and the features that matter most to you. With this information, you can choose the Singer sewing machine that aligns with your needs and preferences.

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