Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 Review

Last Updated on December 6, 2022

Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 Review: The Singer Brand has been whirling around the market for more than decades. It is one of the most renowned sewing stuff manufacturers. The brand is famous for its innovation, quality, and reliability. That said, the Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 wouldn’t let down its consumers.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 Review

In essence, it is a computerized sewing machine packed with fantastic features. It contains sewing assistance, an LCD touch screen, numerous built-in stitches, presser feet, spool, bobbins, automatic needle threader, and more. All these features make sewing a breeze.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9985

Anyone can easily sew challenging projects with the Singer 9985’s help. Many people have marked it the best sewing machine for advanced sewers as it comes with advanced features. But the sewing device is appropriate for novices, as well. Let’s check how excellent its features are:


The Singer 9985 is a portable sewing machine loaded with lots of high-quality features. It offers sewers to select the preferred stitch from a large group of stitches, including primary, stretch, decorative, quilting, and crafting stitches.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9985

The sewing machine also provides an LCD to select those stitches. Users can choose various fonts for their personalized projects through the screen. Apart from that, the sewing stuff comes with presser feet and additional accessories.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9985

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Needle Threader

Singer Quantum Stylist 9985

The Singer 9985 boasts a built-in needle threader. The sewing stuff can thread the needle’s eye in seconds. Thus, threading becomes more convenient; from spool to the needle’s eye, you can have the entire sewing machine threaded in a few moments.

Stitches & Fonts

Singer Quantum Stylist 9985

The Singer 9985 contains 960 stitches: six alphanumeric fonts, thirteen one-step buttonholes with underplates, ten essential, twenty-one stretch, and 919 decorative stitches. You will notice the stitch chart on the machine’s upper lid. You can all of the built-in stitches and select one according to your sewing project.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9985


The Sewing stuff lets you stitch at a maximum speed of 850spm. As a result, you can quickly sew long seams or other projects that require quick sewing.

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Mirror Imaging

The Singer Quantum Machine offers mirror imaging. After touching a button, users can sew following exact pattern. And by selecting the elongation button, they can control the look of the stitch pattern. This feature makes the machine ideal for embroidery, and so many sewers have chosen it as a computerized sewing machine embroidery.


Singer Quantum Stylist 9985

Lastly, the Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 feature additional accessories, including all-purpose, blind hem, sating stitch, overcasting, darning, narrow rolled hem, button sewing, quarter-inch, open toe, walking & cording foot, needles, bobbins, seam ripper, foot control, power cord, and more.

Final Verdict

The Singer Quantum 9985 is an extraordinary sewing machine. While some expensive sewing machines come with low-quality features, the Singer 9985 offers superior quality features at an affordable price. It nearly houses all the functions that a standard sewing machine should contain.

Thus, this machine never fails to draw the attention of professional sewers. Besides being appropriate for expert sewers, it is an ideal singer sewing machine for beginners. That means it doesn’t matter what your sewing level is; you can always conveniently sew various projects with the Singer sewing machine’s help.

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