Singer Starlet 6699 Review

Last Updated on February 28, 2024

Singer Starlet 6699 Review: It is time for you to start expressing all your creativity, and what better way to do it than with sewing? To do this from the beginning, you will need a good quality and optimal Sewing Machine, for which we will show you the Singer Starlet 6699.

This Singer sewing machine is about making all your artistic imagination very productive through garments, cushions, curtains, and more.

You already know that sewing is an art that deserves to be manufactured with the best hands and the best instruments on the market. This sewing machine will offer you the best technology and benefits in comfort and innovations.

SINGER 6699 Starlet Electronic Sewing Machine

Let’s start by mentioning and highlighting that this machine very efficiently offers up to 100 types of stitches with which you can create any design you can think of, all this with a single, small sewing machine.

SINGER 6699 Starlet Electronic Sewing Machine

1. Stitches

The stitches are divided between those that are useful for embroidering, those that are efficient in elastic fabrics, reinforced seams, buttonholes, and even lingerie, as well as for hems and decorative ones.

2. Automatic buttonholes

It also guarantees you a quick job when dealing with tedious buttons, thanks to its 6- types of automatic buttonholes for sewing buttonholes. (For the safety of each seam, it offers an extra reverse stitch function to reinforce each job).

3. Automatic controlled needle

As for the customization of your work, it offers a variable stitch width adjustment with a fully adjustable stitch length of up to 6.5 mm. This way, you will configure the machine according to your requirements and expectations. Not to mention its 12 automatic controlled needle positions quite precisely.

4. Light

It has a high light level. Thanks to a small LED sewing light that illuminates the entire workspace, avoiding straining your eyes and working at any time of the day, even at night.

5. Free Arm

As for its design, it is attractive through its very delicate appearance with soft colors. It offers a free arm for much more comfort when sewing. Its internal structure is entirely metal, offering long useful life and incomparable resistance.

6. LCD screen

Also, the best part! The Singer Starlet 6699 has an LCD Screen with which you can easily configure and select your types of stitches to use automatically. Its innovation allows you even to create work patterns with a unique option.

7. Easy-to-use Threader

It also has an easy-to-use threader, which helps you through its automatic mechanism to guide the thread through the eye of the needles, making this tedious job much more manageable.

8. Automatic Bobbin System

It is equipped with systems that complement the work, such as an automatic bobbin winder with a vertical bobbin system and even a proper manual lateral thread trimmer. Other positive characteristics allow it to be even more functional in the face of good sewing.

9. Automatic Presser Foot Tension

And to further simplify any work in the textile world, this powerful sewing machine also includes automatic presser foot tension adjustments and the possibility of sewing with twin needles. Making fabric with this excellent Singer Starlet 6699 sewing machine will be easy.

Singer Starlet 6699 – Technical Specification

ModelStarlet 6699
Machine TypeElectronic free arm
Product Weight10kg
Dimensions53 x 32 x 41 cm
Light typeLED
Number of Stitches100 designs
WindingVertical system
Needle ThreaderAutomatic


– Quite versatile compared to other models
Excellent value for money
– Ideal for advance or intermediate sewers thanks to its intuitive settings and options
– Good lighting
– LED bulb
– Great power
– Electrical and adjustable systems
– 100 different types of stitches


– It does not include double needles (although it has that function)
– It weighs quite a lot.
– It does not offer very explicit instructions
– Thanks to the fact that it is an electrical machine, it costs much more than a mechanical one.

Singer Starlet 6699 – Our Opinion

Singer Starlet 6699

Reviews about the Singer Starlet 6699 Sewing Machine, once we have read everything this machine offers, we must mention that users widely accept it. It can only mean one thing: we are dealing with an excellent domestic helper.

Many users mention how easy it can be to use the Singer Starlet 6699 and the comfort it allows you to have when sewing, which is different from any other brand model. Of course! A very personal perspective.

In addition to the wide variety of accessories, adjustments, and functions it has to offer, they make it look professional, and just being able to take it wherever you want makes it even more perfect than any other industrial model.

Other buyers note how pleased they are since it does not make noise and its practicality makes it ideal for beginners or experts in the sewing field. Every detail counts, such as its LED light that avoids the uncomfortable heat that other types of lights produce when you need more concentration.

The only drawback that some see is its transport bag since it is loose, making it uncomfortable and insecure.

Conclusion – Why Buy the Singer Starlet 6699?

Now that we know it inside out and inside out, what do you think of the Singer Starlet 6699? Why buy the Singer Starlet 6699 Sewing Machine?

In short, the singer specially built this machine for professionals or hobbyists stepping into the sewing world and is not afraid to let their creative gifts flow. Its status as an electric machine makes it a bit complicated for some, but nothing that a few practices can’t solve.

In this way, it becomes a feasible option and suitable for those who want that desired combination of quality and reasonable prices. It is also because we often need more approvals on a single product.

If what you needed from the beginning was quality, resistance, efficiency, and more than 90 stitches to start venturing into the world of sewing, then the Singer Starlet 6699 is the right option for you.