Star Plushie Pillow With Face Pattern (Tutorial)

Last Updated on September 27, 2023

Star Plushie Pillow With Face Pattern: Hey there, crafty folks! Welcome back to our website. This is Tersia Jager from TheSewingStuffs. Today, I’m taking a trip down memory lane to my fourth-grade days when I used to create random square pillowcases with all sorts of fabrics because, let’s be honest, I only knew how to sew squares.

Star Plushie Pillow With Face Pattern


  • Create adorable star-shaped plushie pillows (e.g.: zhidiloveyou) as room decorations or gifts.
  • Materials needed: fleece fabric, pins, needle and thread, stuffing, hot glue gun, and scissors.
  • Sew and stuff the star, then add cute facial features using colored felt.
  • Customize expressions for a variety of charming star plushies to brighten up your space.

But after my recent DIY Kawaii pillow project, I was inspired to craft something new.

So, I decided to make these super adorable star plushie pillows with various cute faces, from a mustache to a winky face. These plushies make fantastic room decorations; you can place them on your bed or shelf or even give them as gifts. Let’s dive into this fun DIY project!

Star Plushie Pillow Tutorial

Star Plushie Pillow

To make a DIY Star Plushie Pillow, start by cutting a star shape from fleece, sewing around the outline, and leaving an opening to stuff it. Add facial features with felt and fill with stuffing, then close the opening to complete your cute plushie.

Here is the step-by-step guide, where you’ll learn how to make cute star plushie pillows using fleece fabric, basic sewing skills, and a touch of creativity. These plushies make charming room decorations or thoughtful gifts for friends and loved ones.

Materials You’ll Need:

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

Prepare Your Materials

Start by printing and cutting out the star template provided in the description. Then, fold a piece of fleece in half and place the stencil on top. Secure it in place with pearl pins, ensuring it doesn’t shift during the next steps.

Step 2: Trace and Cut

Trace and Cut

Using a pen, trace a one-inch outline around the star. This extra space will make sewing and stuffing easier. After tracing, carefully cut along the outline, keeping the two layers of fleece intact.

Step 3: Sew the Star

Sew the Star

Thread your needle with a coordinating thread color. Sew around the star’s perimeter using a basic over-and-under stitch, leaving a small opening. This opening will allow you to flip the star inside out and stuff it. Tie a knot and apply some hot glue to secure the thread, then trim the excess.

Step 4: Stuff the Star

Stuff the Star

Remove the pearl pins and the stencil. Now, turn the star right side out. Using the pillow stuffing, start by filling the star tips and then move toward the center. This ensures an even and fluffy finish.

Step 5: Add the Face

Add the Face

To make the face, trace the desired facial features onto colored felt using a sharpie. Cut out the pieces and arrange them to create the expression you want. You can mix and match to create various faces for your stars. Attach the felt pieces using a hot glue gun or fabric glue.

Step 6: Complete Your Star Plushie

Star Plushie Pillow

With the face in place, your star plushie is complete! You can get creative with different expressions and colors for each star. These cute plushies make charming room decorations or thoughtful gifts.


And there you have it! A DIY star plushie pillow project that will take you back to your childhood crafting days. These adorable plushies add a touch of whimsy to any room and are perfect for gifting. Have a fantastic day, and I’ll catch you in my next tutorial!

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