21 Different Types of Shirts for Women – By Style, Fabrics & Color

Last Updated on February 28, 2024

Different Types of Shirts for Women: Unlike types of men’s shirts, counterparts, women’s shirts are distinguished by styles, which vary depending on the length and cut, the shape of the collar, the type of fabric, seasonal use, the presence of decor, and the degree of elegance.

Different Types of Shirts for Women

In general, women’s shirts are divided into regular shirts and blouses. The difference is clear. The shirt most of all correspond to the male prototype: it is straight, laconic, and covers the hips.

The blouse is shorter, usually at the waist, sewn from light fabrics, decorated with lace, flounces, bows, ribbons. A blouse is more feminine and more romantic than a regular shirt.

The Main Types of Women’s Shirts

1. Traditional Shirt

It is the most traditional of all types of shirts for women. It has a narrow, straight silhouette, a row of often planted buttons from the bottom to the collar, a long sleeve, no pockets (or one chest), and decorative elements, a respectable neutral color.

2. Oversized Shirt

It repeats the classical model, but all its parts are exaggerated, larger by a size and a half. This loose-fitting shirt can be worn half-tucked or worn out, at ease.

3. Long or Tunic Shirt

The style is convenient because it does not require trousers or skirts but can be worn with leggings and even bicycles.

4. Slim-fit shirt

It is a short, slim-fit shirt. There is no need to tuck the body into the belt; it does not restrict movement and harmonizes with trousers and skirts.

5. Blouses or Blouse-type Shirts

Everything is allowed for blouses: belts, embroidery, beads, hemstitching, fringes, transparent inserts. There are no restrictions on the cut and length of the sleeves, the shape of the collar, and other parameters.

At the same time, it will not be difficult to integrate a blouse into an office bow, provided that the model and color scheme correspond to the dress code.

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Types of Shirts for Women Based on Style

Types of Shirts for Women Based on Style

According to the stylistic decision, shirts are divided into:

6. Classic

Suitable for office, business. It is moderately fitted with a wide collar and a row of buttons that fasten to the neck. Are deprived of any additional details.

7. Loose Fit

Suitable for in general. It resembles the previous model, but they sit more at ease. Today they can be called oversized. They looked good both on release and tucked in.

8. Elongated

They look like a tunic or shirt dress. A long shirt looks incredible with leather leggings;

9. Bodysuit

This option will always allow you to have a neat look. Suitable for both trousers and jeans with a low waist and pencil skirts or high waist.

10. Blouse Type

It comes with long sleeves and shorts, may have a curly neckline, interesting sleeves, unusual cuffs, decor.

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Types of Shirts for Women Based on Fabrics

Types of Shirts for Women Based on Fabrics

11. Cotton

Cotton is the king of shirts. The most affordable shirting fabric that is washable, ironable, fits and looks. It can be of different densities, which determines the degree of transparency and warmth.

12. Linen

The linen shirt looks beautiful. However, this is exclusively summer material, in the off-season, and even more so, wearing it in winter is considered bad form.

13. Chiffon

Chiffon is feminine and flawless. It will always add a touch of solemnity to the image, sophistication. Its only drawback is that it is not warm, so it is better to choose it for the warm season.

14. Jeans

This denim shirt has already grown into the category of democratic classics. These shirts are stylish, comfortable, practical, and incredibly trendy.

15. Silk

Its splendor captivates from a half-glance. The cool, gentle weightlessness that this material provides is unmatched. The most expensive of all fabrics presented.

Common Shirt Colors for Women

Shirt Colors for Women

A women’s shirt of certain colors is considered basic in the wardrobe of a modern woman. These include:

16. White

The basis of all the basics in any style, in any situation. And strict, and feminine, and formal, and gentle, and festive. This color allows you always to look gorgeous.

17. Less Pretentious

Black, but they do not lag in popularity. Allows you to create chic bows in monochrome and contrasting performance.

18. Red

It is a compromise of the previous two types. It is both strict and seductive and perfectly suits everyone without exception.

19. Blue

It is incredibly delicate. Even if you wear it with a classic suit, it will still give away that supply of feminine gentleness hiding behind a masculine cut.

20. Striped

Depending on the model, it goes both business and every day. Always a trendy print than both vertical stripes and horizontal ones.

21. Collar and Sleeve

The collar of a traditional shirt for women generally echoes that of a man’s. It can be gate English, Italian, French, batten down, rack, apache, mandarin.

Along with the classic ones, accents, typically female collars, are used. Often, the collar of a women’s business shirt is sparingly decorated with plain embroidery and edging.

  • The variety of blouse collars is almost endless,
  • ascot, the ends of which are tied in a bow;
  • Berta – aristocratic-wide, covering the shoulders;
  • Frill with a cascade of flowing lace;
  • Pois or sailor;
  • Polo, complemented by a bar;
  • A clamp forming soft, rounded folds;
  • Hard starched raff;
  • Swing collar for draping the bodice.

Based on such a criterion as a sleeve, women’s shirts and blouses are divided into those with:

  • Long sleeve with a cuff and the ability to turn it up;
  • 3/4 sleeve covering the elbow;
  • Short sleeve to the extent of its absence.

The latter types are inherent only in informal sports shirts and blouses. Blouses are replete with sleeves of a very different design. Let’s remember lanterns, gigot (in translation – ham), bells, bat, raglan, wings, flutters, tulips.

Fashion Trends for Women Shirts

Fashion Trends for Women Shirts

Today, the mainstream is:

  • Shirts and blouses with square, 90s-style shoulders – glossy black, green, cherry.
  • Shirts with vertical and horizontal stripes;
  • Shirts in a nautical style and shirts with medium-sized polka dots.
  • Designer body shirts are made of thin leather.
  • Shirts with a bareback and oversized shirts complemented by corsets.
  • Shirts with polar collars and placket.
  • Peasant-style blouses gathered at the neckline.
  • Shirts with layered sleeves.
  • Shirts with pronounced asymmetry of the cut.
  • Sheer shirts are worn on top or bustier.

Shirts with a large abstract pattern and lyrical blouses in the color of dusty rose, mint, and lavender remain in favor. It does not give up boho positions, offering shirts and tunics with wing-like sleeves, beads on the collar, lacing, applique.

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How to Choose a Shirt for Women

How to Choose a Shirt for Women

  • The collar of a chemise shirt or bodysuit should be softer than a man’s, in other words, without frame inserts.
  • The most suitable fabric for a quality shirt is cotton poplin. It is more delicate than the cotton from which men’s shirts are sewn and seductively flows around the shape.
  • A good shirt has durable, better mother-of-pearl plastic buttons and is straight, without the slightest flaw in the seams. Such a shirt looks like a solid piece of matter. It reflects light and shines on the body. In addition, the impeccably tailored shirt is associated with Parisian chic.
  • Even an oversized shirt should not gather like an accordion on the back, forming a hump. Transverse folds, signaling that the item is too small, are also unacceptable. It is also evidenced by the fabric tightly stretched over the chest.
  • So that the shirt does not hang like a shapeless piece of cloth, the shoulder seam should run precisely along the line of the arm and shoulder joint.
  • The correct sleeve width leaves 2.5 to 5 cm of free space between the hand and the fabric. The cuff should not squeeze the wrist, and the palm should not pass freely into the buttoned cuff – in the first case, the shirt is too small. In the second, it is too wide.
  • Make sure that the sleeve not only reaches but covers the wrist: short sleeves are comical and untidy.

Final Verdict

These Different Types of Shirts for Women must comply with the standard European size chart. In all, except for the classic models, experimentation in the direction of a larger size is allowed.

A slightly dangling shirt is always sexy. Again, Classic shirts and oversized shirts are still fashionable, and, probably, they will carry this status in more than one season.

Therefore, buy a women’s shirt that meets all fashionable canons. Stylish products, affordable prices, a large dimensional grid will help you choose a cherished shirt for every day and a special occasion.

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