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Last Updated on June 29, 2022

Men’s Different Types of Sweaters: A sweater is a convenient item. It can be used as a small jacket with a shirt in the spring and autumn seasons, and it can also be used as an inner jacket or coat.

There are also a variety of styles and matching methods to choose from, making the process of replacing the suit jacket more enjoyable.

Moreover, a fitted sweater fully illustrates the man’s style. Wool sweaters can provide more warmth and are therefore functional, but because of the many types of sweaters available, fit and styles are numerous, and they can add to the versatile styles that many men find.

Different Types of Sweaters

How to Classify Sweaters?

There are many styles of men’s sweaters. From a comfortable and casual look to a more professional and business-friendly look, there are enough styles to suit various styles and preferences.

When we talk about the classification of sweaters, we can roughly divide them into four aspects: collar style, front placket style, cut lines, texture texture.

Sweater Pattern and Knitted Fabric

Once you find the style of sweater that suits you, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the different styles and knits available.

Pure color sweaters can be made with one color thread and sometimes in multiple colors, but they are perfect for formal occasions because of their simplicity.

You can also explore more complex knits, such as cable-knit sweaters, usually thicker and have more complex knit designs. Waffle weaving is a lighter example of more complex weaving, still adding some extra style.


There are many knitting patterns of sweaters, roughly listed in several styles: plain (approximately no pattern)-simple knitting pattern-more complicated knitting pattern.

Collar Style

There are roughly these types of collar types:

  • Round neck pullover
  • V-neck pullover
  • High neck pullover
  • Small lapel

Front Style

  • There are several styles of front placket: hedging-buttons-zippers

Cut Lines

  • Tailoring lines are: loose-slim-tight

Men’s Different Types of Sweaters

Sweaters that are too loose look old-fashioned, and tight-fitting sweaters are more suitable for innerwear. But it is awkward to take off the jacket; slim-fitting sweaters are generally acceptable for innerwear, and they are also suitable for single wear. They are versatile and practical.

1. Zipper Sweater

Let’s first talk about a full-zip sweater that is not mentioned very frequently, the zipper. There are two types of the zipper, semi-open (bottom left) and semi-open (bottom right).

Usually, match a this types of shirt with or without a tie. It’s cold so that you can wear a suit jacket. The combination of loafers and khaki pants is more casual. In the American drama “Hannibal,” a set of earthy tones of the male protagonist Uncle Ba.

2. Green Fruit Collar Cardigan

A green fruit collar sweater can replace the jacket, but it breaks away from the suit system, and the style is more casual. The green fruit collar cardigan is generally thicker than the V-neck cardigan and is suitable for outerwear.

Pair with jeans. The green fruit collar sweater has a retro taste. Leonardo’s version of “The Great Gatsby” has this one. Likewise, it is more retro with a shirt and bow tie.

When the temperature is not too low, It will be better to wear a green fruit collar at home or on casual occasions (picture below, self-portrait quality).

The sweater is soft and comfortable, unlike a suit that has a sense of restraint; the effect of the turned-down sweater collar with a coat is very similar to a scarf, and the back of the neck is warm. I recommend the above two styles the most. Few people wear them. Also, they are relatively niche styles.

3. Pullover V-neck Sweater

There are also two styles of pullover sweaters. The V-neck sweater style can be casual. If you want a formal tie, you can wear it with trousers or khakis.

When the weather is slightly cold, you can add a jacket, windbreaker, or overcoat. It’s a little more casual, with a button-necked shirt or jeans. With a simple shirt, the V-neck does not look bad, which makes it look casual.

Like the round neck, the V-neck sweater is also favored for its versatility. Collar shirts are very suitable for wearing V-neck sweaters inside, and you can even tie a tie to create a bright and professional look.

However, please be careful not to drape the v-neck too low, as they may be more challenging to pull off if more tips are required.

4. Pullover Round Neck Sweater

Generally speaking, crew neck sweaters are more casual, and the more common way to wear them is not to wear a tie. The neck of the classic round neck is round and close to the body.

It is the most popular sweater style and is generally considered a more casual choice. However, you can wear a polo shirt or button-down shirt on the neckline to match more casual clothing.

Many men now wear round neck sweaters with ties and deliberately pull out the tie knots. Although it looks a bit awkward, it feels uncomfortable to get stuck in the neck, but this is indeed a trendy way to wear now.

The round neck is available in a variety of materials and patterns. It means that this style can be stored well in the wardrobe without too many similar sweaters.

5. Cardigan

Cardigan is the most common type of V-neck button sweater. Cardigans never go out of style for some gentlemen. However, they have indeed fallen out of favor for a while. Now, this style of sweater is making a comeback as it should.

Cardigan sweaters, especially slim styles, have an obvious classic appearance. The material is generally light and thin. You can wear them on formal shirts, jackets, suits, or a windbreaker. Moreover, you can’t go wrong when matching a tie with a cardigan sweater.

One trick to consider is that in most cases, it is best to choose a button cardigan. The zipper cardigan is more suitable for casual environments and sportswear.

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6. Turtleneck Sweater

The turtleneck sweater is another popular classic sweater style. The most significant role of turtleneck sweaters in autumn and winter is to keep warm, and suits and jackets are very suitable.

A tight-fitting turtleneck sweater is a perfect choice, adding a layer of warmth underneath. A larger turtleneck is ideal for layering under a coat or jacket. Turtleneck sweaters also have high neck options. Choose the high-neck style that is most comfortable for you.

7. Half Zipper

Half-zip sweaters are a relatively new addition to many men’s wardrobes when compared to alternative options. This style can be used when the zipper is down, partly up, or fully zippered. However, most men would instead not choose an utterly zippered appearance.

The half zipper can be worn on the top or middle of the garment. When worn under a jacket, it functions like turtleneck sweaters.

8. Sweater Vest

Sweater vests are most often used with suits or jackets, very suitable for sportswear occasions, as long as a little sense of fashion can help you. In warmer temperatures, sweater vests are also a good choice. At this temperature, a complete sweater may provide too much warmth.

Find the Right Sweater

As long as it fits, anyone wearing a sweater can look very temperamental. A well-fitting sweater can add a proper amount of appearance to a slender figure and help enhance your own gentleman’s temperament.

However, finding the right sweater requires some internal information. To find the right clothes, first, try on a sweater that is not too small. Over time, sweaters usually shrink after being worn and washed.

Look for a size that will neither fit your body rigorously nor appear loose. Don’t touch your arms and torso too closely. If your taste in clothing tends to be tailor-made or more fit, you will need to choose a sweater size that matches that preference.

Final Word

However, not everyone can take advantage of the various advantages provided by sweaters. There are styles suitable for leisure environments and styles suitable for business and leisure environments. You must understand how to match sweaters.

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