9 Ways to Iron/ Unwrinkle a Shirt Without an Iron?

Last Updated on September 14, 2023

Unwrinkle a Shirt Without an Iron: Ironing can be a real chore, and sometimes, you find yourself in a situation where you need to unwrinkle a shirt urgently, but you don’t have an iron on hand. Don’t worry; there are some creative alternatives to the traditional iron that can save the day.

Unwrinkle a Shirt Without an Iron


  • Choose wrinkle-resistant fabrics like denim or polyester blends to avoid ironing.
  • Hair straighteners and hair dryers can quickly fix small wrinkles on collars and cuffs.
  • Steam from a kettle or anti-wrinkle spray can help relax wrinkles.
  • Rolling clothes when traveling prevents creases upon arrival.
  • For a no-iron solution, lay clothes between your mattress and bed base overnight to smooth out wrinkles.

9 Ways to Unwrinkle a Shirt Without an Iron

Here, we’ll explore the best ironing alternatives as demonstrated by Bianca from Anning Lab. We’ll discuss each method and rate its effectiveness so you know exactly what to try when you’re in a pinch.

1. Choose Wrinkle-Resistant Fabrics

Choose Wrinkle-Resistant Fabrics

If you’re not a fan of ironing, the best approach is prevention. Opt for clothing made from wrinkle-resistant fabrics like denim or polyester blends. These materials tend to stay relatively wrinkle-free, reducing your reliance on ironing. However, be cautious with natural fabrics like cotton and linen, as they wrinkle easily.

Effectiveness Rating: 8/10

2. Hair Straightener

Hair Straightener - Unwrinkle a Shirt Without an Iron

Consider using a hair straightener for quick fixes on small items like collars and cuffs. The high temperature is ideal for linen and cotton, but be careful with polyester, as it may melt.

Effectiveness Rating: 7/10

3. Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer - Unwrinkle a Shirt Without an Iron

A hairdryer can help remove wrinkles from your clothing. Slightly dampen the fabric, then blow warm air over the surface with the dryer. Pull gently on the material to aid in straightening.

Effectiveness Rating: 7/10

4. Steam in the Bathroom

Hanging your garment in the bathroom while taking a hot shower can create steam that relaxes the fabric. You can gently pull on the material to straighten it out, but it may not be as effective for heavy wrinkles.

Effectiveness Rating: 3/10

5. Steam from a Kettle

Steam from a Kettle

Boiling a kettle and using the steam it produces can work better than the bathroom method. Keep the kettle button pressed down to generate steam continuously, then hold the garment over it, moving it back and forth to relax the wrinkles.

Effectiveness Rating: 5/10

6. Anti-Wrinkle Spray

Anti-Wrinkle Spray

Anti-wrinkle spray, available at supermarkets, contains fabric softener that helps relax and smooth out wrinkles. Simply spray it on the wrinkled areas and pull gently to remove creases.

Effectiveness Rating: 6/10

7. Use a Warm Pot

Use a Warm Pot

In a pinch, you can use a pot as a makeshift iron. Boil water in the pot, then empty it out. Carefully run the hot base of the pot over the clothing. While it’s not as effective as a real iron, it can help in a bind.

Effectiveness Rating: 5/10

8. Lay Clothes Under Your Mattress

If you have a solid bed base, you can place clothing between the mattress and the base before sleeping. When you wake up, you’ll find your clothing has become smooth and wrinkle-free.

Effectiveness Rating: 7/10

9. Roll-Pack Clothing

Roll-Pack Clothing

When traveling, roll your clothes together to avoid wrinkles. Lay them flat on top of each other and roll them into one large roll. Unroll them upon arrival and hang them up to eliminate creases.

Effectiveness Rating: 7/10


Ironing may not be everyone’s favorite chore, but with these creative ironing alternatives, you can unwrinkle your clothing without needing a traditional iron. Remember these tricks, and you’ll always be prepared to tackle wrinkles, even when you don’t have an iron on hand. Whether choosing wrinkle-resistant fabrics or using a hair straightener, these hacks will help you look sharp in no time. Try them and let us know which works best for you in the comments below.

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