Vantablack Clothes – Can You Buy Vantablack Clothes?

Last Updated on September 24, 2021

Vantablack is a shade of black that is regarded as the darkest color among all black shades. Vantablack clothes was once also considered as one of the dense materials in the world. As a result, this new black material easily gets the success of drawing the attention of artists and designers on the lookout for new materials and colors with which to create their masterpieces.

However, Vantablack clothes are not very available. Its characteristics, potential health hazards, and pricing make it inaccessible among ordinary people. Therefore, Vantablack clothes can produce protective, military outfits, high-end designer clothes, and luxury goods.

Vantablack Clothes

What is Vantablack?

Vantablack, the darkest substance in existence, is one of our era’s most creative and game-changing innovations. Probably, Vantablack clothes are the blackest cloths in human existence. A British company named Surrey Nanosystems invented this material. This revolutionary synthetic fabric is made by an unconventional process. Its single tube is as thin as a 10,000 times thinner single strand of human hair. As a result, it is so dense that it is able to prevent light from passing through.

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Furthermore, its tubes are spaced far apart, much like a carbon grass field. When light strikes Vantablack, it only passes through the nanotubes and bounces around. Therefore, it absorbs lights and converts them into heat. As a result, light enters the fabric but cannot exit. If any light escapes the fabric, it is a negligible amount. The technology that powers Vantablack was invented in the 1990s and has been in development ever since. Therefore, with the developments in nanotechnology, deeper blacks have been developed over the years.

Moreover, this fabric is sturdy enough to tolerate shocks and vibrations while yet being responsive to touch. Carbon nanotubes are so tiny that they have no mass, and there is mostly air between them. In addition, this color or material is ideal for items that must withstand a rough ride, such as space ships.

Benefits of Vantablack Fabric

Vantablack is a useful color for various applications, including touch screens, ultra-light wiring, ultra-black coatings, and aeronautical components’ robustness. Many people find it fascinating and wish to use it. Architects want to use it to produce optical effects in buildings because this color absorbs light immensely, then converts light into heat and trap the heat within the building.

Why Do So Many People Want Vantablack Clothing?

There are several reasons why people love iconic black clothing. Usually, the iconic black is often used to symbolize elegance and superiority. Besides, this fascinating Vantablack fabric also creates women’s desire to wear something classic and keep it in their wardrobes for decades. It would work with any gown, but the concept of adding a darker shade to the dress, regardless of the style or length, is appealing. Even though the time can change the cut and style of clothing for women, this black color will be a staple of their wardrobes for decades.

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Furthermore, this fabric is a perfect option for a catwalk or any Met gala. Due to this material’s great darkness, it may make the wearer appear two-dimensional. This flatter capacity usually relies on the body type and the purpose of wearing it. However, more or less, everyone wishes to put at least one Vantablack dress in their wardrobe. But currently, this fabric is not available for general people. The use of this fabric is limited.

Can You Buy Vantablack Clothing?

No, you can’t because the color isn’t used on any commercially available clothing. Due to the limited rights, such use is not allowed to take place. As far as permissions go, scientists can use this color only in astronomical activities and equipment. This restriction may be in place due to prevent skin and other health risks associated with this color.

How Expensive Is Vantablack?

Vantablack is not available for commercial use, so it’s difficult to say the price of it. A well-known watchmaker claims that they used Vantablack in the production of a limited edition of 50 watches. They estimated that the watches cost between 75,000 and 95,000 US dollars.

However, Vantablack is not offered for clothing. However, a British company, Surrey, is trying to develop Vantablack for clothing, but it will take a long time to utilize this color in apparel. Afterward, Vantablack is a nanotube coating neither paint nor pigment. It’s also not a dye yet.

Hence, BMW can use this color in their car, but it would be a one-time trial. Besides that, the cost of the paint would be absurdly high, and the endurance of the paint is in doubt owing to road conditions.

Is Vantablack Material Safe?

Vantablack is not as dangerous as common poisons. However, it contains toxic chemicals. The chemicals employed in its manufacturing may cause problems with the skin, lungs, and eyes. Furthermore, while some may argue that harsh chemicals are utilized to manufacture everyday things, chemicals used to manufacture Vantablack are not as harmless as experts claim. However, it is primarily determined by your skin type and overall health. In general, it is better to avoid chemicals.

On the other hand, this color can absorb 99.6% of visible light and does not reflect light particles, so it appears almost entirely black. It is possible that if a person were in a room with this color, they would experience the disorienting effects of sensory deprivation. Also, using it for a long time may lead you to death. It could take a long time, perhaps even decades. In short, this color is potentially harmful to the human body over a long time, but it won’t kill you immediately unless you commit any stupid act.

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Vantablack Alternative

Unfortunately, an artist named Anish Kapoor has purchased the authority right of this color. And still today, he maintains the exclusive rights of this color. Therefore, Vantablack color is not available in clothing.

Furthermore, you can substitute Vantablack with other black paints, such as the Black 2.0, Black 3.0. These are genuine paint, and they can absorb light. Most importantly, they do not fall under Mr. Kapoor’s exclusive rights as their materials are overall different from Vantablack’s. Other excellent alternatives are VBx1, VBx2, and procion jet black reactive dye. Also, you can use procion jet black reactive dye powder on fabrics including rayon, linen, cotton, and paper. They have various uses, such as batik, tie, and dye, airbrush painting, etc.

However, you have to be aware that the laws that govern the buying and selling of these alternatives may change. Be sure to check the laws to know if you can purchase or sell them in the U.S.

Is Vantablack Even the Blackest Option Anymore?

Yes. Vantablack is no longer the blackest option. As technologies improve, MIT developers get success to improve the Vantablack building and make it better. As we know, Vantablack can absorb 99.96% light. Therefore, 0.4% of light can get reflected from Vantablack. Hence, the new black has lessened this amount, and it can absorb about 99.995% of light yet. Again, it can also grow at 400C temperature or on lighter materials, such as aluminum.

Final Word

Though Vantablack Clothes is a real material with little application, it is not accessible at clothing stores. Due to some authority rights issues, it has minimal and specific applications yet. Therefore, there are several alternatives of Vantablack come out. You can try any of them if you can afford them. Most importantly, before importing them, cross-check your government law regarding the fabric.

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