Is Viscose Fabric Good for Summer?

Last Updated on March 18, 2023

Is Viscose Fabric Good for Summer? Viscose fabric was created at the end of the 19th century in France to synthetically recreate a fabric that could imitate the properties of silk. And today at TheSewingStuffs, we will share with you about viscose for summer.

This beautiful fabric, usually worn in summer for its freshness, has great advantages in clothing. In addition, it is an elegant and delicate fabric, which requires certain care that we will teach you so that you can keep your rayon garments looking like new for longer.

Is Viscose Summer Wear?

Yes, viscose is a great fabric for summer wear due to its lightweight, breathable, and comfortable qualities. Viscose is often used to create loose-fitting tops and dresses that drape softly over the body while also providing adequate coverage.

Is Viscose Fabric Good for Summer

Also, it’s conveniently wrinkle-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about creases or ironing. All in all, viscose is an excellent choice for summer garments!

Is Viscose Fabric Good for Summer?

Is Viscose Fabric Good for Summer

Yes! In the summer, viscose is one of the most popular and good fabrics since it is ideal for making breathable, comfortable clothes that don’t generate heat. It is synthetic but light and comfy, fits all styles, and comes in various parts, models, and suggested look variations.

Why Viscose Fabric is Good for Summer Wear

Viscose fabric has become increasingly popular thanks to its many attractive benefits. Its lightweight and versatile nature make it the ideal fabric for creating clothes perfect for summer wear. In this article, we’ll explore the top benefits of viscose fabric for summer wear.

Viscose Fabric is Good for Summer

1. Lightweight Material

Viscose fabric is known for its light qualities, making it perfect for clothing you won’t want to overheat during the hot summer months. Viscose clothes are regularly used by people who like to go out and enjoy various activities when the weather warms up.

2. Soft Feel

Viscose fabric is renowned for its soft texture, making it an excellent option for creating comfortable summer outfits that conform to your body. This makes it a great choice when you’re looking to create something cute and comfy!

3. Breathable Characteristics

Thanks to their lightweight feel, viscose fabrics offer some excellent breathability – an essential benefit when wearing any clothing during the hotter months. The look and feel of your garments will remain light, and airy no matter how much jumping around you do while playing sports or other outdoor activities.

4. Versatility

Thanks to its ability to come in many different colors and patterns, viscose can be used to create diverse items that can fit into nearly any wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for something dressy or casual, vibrant or subtle – there’s sure to be an option perfect for your needs!

5. Wrinkle-Resistant

Unlike many other materials prone to wrinkles and creases, viscose remains relatively wrinkle-free even after an extended period. It makes it great if you are on the go often during those summer months but still want something stylishly neat-looking!

6. Durability

While not as strong as cotton fabrics, the viscose still holds up quite well with proper maintenance – making it an ideal option if you need something that can withstand regular use throughout warmer seasons without wearing down too quickly.

Overall, there are plenty of benefits associated with using viscose fabrics for warm-weather lightweight material, soft feel, breathability, versatility, wrinkle resistance, and durability. Not only is this option affordable, but it looks great too!

People Also Ask – FAQ

Is Viscose Hot to Wear in Summer?

It is important to note that different types of viscose fabric are made using various manufacturing methods and with widely varying materials. As a result, the amount of heat this fabric retains can vary significantly depending on the type. 

Generally speaking, viscose fabrics are lightweight and breathable and often used in warm-weather clothing such as t-shirts and summer dresses, which suggests they do not retain much heat. 

However, thicker kinds of viscose may be more suited to cooler weather, so be sure to read the product description before buying anything.

Is Viscose as Cool as Cotton?

When it comes to coolness, it really depends on the fabric’s breathability. Viscose is made from natural sources such as wood, bamboo, and cotton; however, it can often be less breathable than cotton.
It might feel cooler to the touch initially compared to cotton, but it may not keep you cool for a prolonged time. 
On the other hand, 100% cotton tends to be more breathable and provides better airflow than viscose. So overall, cotton is likely the better option for keeping cool in hot temperatures.

Is Viscose Good for Sweating?

Viscose is a rayon fabric that is good for wicking away moisture and regulating body temperature. It is also breathable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. 
Because of its ability to wick away sweat, viscose can be an excellent option for anyone who sweats or wants to stay cool during physical activity.
However, viscose tends to be less durable than other fabrics, so it may be better to look for something long-lasting.

Is Viscose for Summer or Winter?

If you searching for viscose fabric for winter or summer, Viscose is a highly breathable and lightweight fabric that can be worn in both summer and winter. In summer, light and airy viscose fabrics keep you cool and comfortable, while heavier varieties can provide some warmth in the cooler months.
Ultimately, the type of viscose fabric you choose will depend on the weather conditions and how much protection from the elements you need.

Is Viscose Cool in Summer?

Viscose can be an excellent choice for warm weather. It’s lightweight, breathable, and won’t trap heat like other fabrics such as polyester or acrylic.
However, be sure to choose viscose fabrics with a looser weave. Viscose with a tighter weave may be less breathable than those with a looser one and can cause you to overheat in the summer months.


Viscose is an artificial fabric made from plant-based cellulose. It’s lightweight, breathable, and often quite affordable – all qualities that make it suitable for hot weather. 

On the downside, it can be less durable than other fabrics, and some environmental concerns have been raised about its production. In this article, we have explained why viscose fabric is as good for hot weather. We hope you find it helpful indeed.

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