Wedding Dress Modeling for Cutting and Making

Last Updated on August 8, 2020

Learn Wedding Dress Modeling: Wedding dress to wear it at a wedding in spring or summer, with uncovered shoulders with a fitted strapless type bodice, long-waisted and vertical cuts. Notching the waist and enhancing the bust by the clips hidden in the cuts, showing at the same time a silhouette slender and long.

Wedding Dress Modeling for Cutting and Making

Wedding Dress Modeling for Cutting and Making

On the back, it has a zipper along the center back of the top that can be replaced by another type of closure, such as buttonhole eyelets and lined buttons or pearl type, giving delicacy and embellishment to the back.

On the upper edge of the neckline in front and back, it has a band gathered in the same fabric that can be replaced by a bobbin lace or a delicate guipure (soft touch) that enhances it and gives it a delicacy to the desired finish.

The length of the top goes up to about 7 cm. below the waist, fitting the silhouette and enhancing the waist and waist curves. The junction with the skirt has a ruffled fabric band similar to that of the top edge of the top, which can be replaced by bobbin lace or soft Guipure.

The skirt is long to the floor in plenty of gathered fabric at the junction of the waist to the top. The pattern is drawn to cut a single layer of fabric for the skirt. If you want to use more layers of fabric to add volume to the skirt, you will need to cut the pieces of the skirt into the number of layers of fabric you want to add.

The bodice is designed to cut a single layer of fabric plus interlining that is added once cut. If you want to give a nice interior finish to the garment, you can cut another layer of the same fabric or fabric of the desired fabric.


Before cutting and sewing the garment, take a good look at each piece and try to ‘assemble’ the garment in your mind visualizing all the sewing processes.

This way, you will detect the step by step of how to sew it. Likewise, read the texts of each piece – mold to detect which are interlinings to cut them separately and which pieces must “take out” of this line to cut them in lining fabrics or in contrasting fabrics.

Suggested Fabrics

This dress can be cut into a good body fabric that gives volume to the skirt and firmness to the bodice to enhance the figure. Satin with a body or a Taffeta could be used, which can give a very beautiful volume since the gathering of the skirt must acquire the body so that it shows volume below highlighting the figure at the top.

You can also use different fabrics, but you must choose them once you have completely assimilated the design and cut. If you want to use layers giving more volume and mobility to the skirt, it would be ideal to use Lace fabrics or an embroidered Tulle or a soft Guipure or a Brocade fabric as the top layer, embellishing the garment.

Other Materials

Thread, interlinings, lace, a long zipper, and hook crochet.

Sewing Instructions

The Wedding Dresses are very simple to sew it; Below are the steps to follow a warning that all the pieces include the seam allowance of 1 centimeter.

  • Zig-zag or overlook seam to the edges of the pieces. Merge – glue the interlining.
  • Prepare/sew the ruffles-lace pieces by hunting with their respective front and back of the top.
  • Prepare/gather the skirt pieces at the waistline, hunting with their respective width of the front and back of the top.
  • Prepare/sew the pieces from the front sides of the bodice to the front centerpiece and then do the same with the pieces from the backsides to their respective center back pieces.
  • Attach/see the pieces (false internal) of the neckline of the front and back to their respective front and back. In the process of sewing these pieces, simultaneously sew ‘between’ them the pieces of the rifle or the socket. Note: The sword center does not finish completely until you put the zipper.
  • Sew the zipper in the center back of the top and close to the waistline. From a perfect finish to the part of the false view of the neckline with the zipper.
  • Attach/sew the skirt pieces to their respective front and back and at once sew their respective lace-ruffles and satin ribbon.
  • Sew/close the dress on the sides.
  • Sew bra crochet to top center back.
  • Sew hems.
  • Make final stitches and Iron.


You can download all the free patterns from online that you want, Size to Size, for your personal business, but before you must recognize the Measurements that correspond to each Size and thus be certain that the sizes you download are correct. Study these charts or download any PDF with this valuable information.


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