What Colours Go With Orange Clothes? Expert’s Tips

Last Updated on December 10, 2023

Hi, everybody! Welcome back to our website. In today’s article, I want to continue my classic color combination series and talk specifically about what colours go with orange clothes.

I also shared before on what colors go with purple clothes. I’ll cover what orange represents and how it makes us feel and share some easy-to-pair color combinations.

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or just looking to spice up your wardrobe, this video will hopefully inspire you.

What Colours Go With Orange Clothes


  • Orange pairs effortlessly with greens and browns for a nature-inspired, comforting look.
  • Elevate classic styles with unexpected elegance by blending orange with gray or navy.
  • Embrace the changing seasons with the timeless combination of orange and earthy browns.
  • Make a statement with the dynamic duo of orange and red for vibrant, eye-catching ensembles.
  • Infuse versatility into your wardrobe with the easygoing combo of orange and blue for a stylish, laid-back feel.

Let’s dive into the vibrant world of orange and discover the perfect color pairings.

Meaning of Orange Colour in Fabric

The color orange is a captivating blend of yellow and red, combining the vibrancy and energy of yellow with the passion of red.

Depending on the specific shade of orange, you can play with the balance of these elements. Beyond personal feelings, orange is associated with natural transitions, making it a refreshing and exciting color.

It represents the changing seasons, from spring to summer or autumn to winter, offering a fresh and clean feel.

Personally, I find warmth, energy, and calmness when surrounded by the color orange.

Wearing Orange

What Colours Go With Orange Clothes

While orange can be tricky to wear, especially near the face, incorporating it through accessories like belts, shoes, and bags is a fantastic way to embrace this vibrant hue.

For those with olive skin, orange can be surprisingly complementary, especially in makeup with peachy and coral tones.

What Colours Go With Orange Clothes?

Orange clothes look great: green for nature vibes, gray for a classic touch, brown for warmth, red for a bold statement, blue for balance, navy/black for sophistication, white for a fresh feel, and purple for a striking combo.

Mix and match to create stylish outfits that match your style and the occasion. Now, let’s explore some of the easiest and most stunning color combinations with orange.

1. Orange and Green

Orange and Green
Orange and Green, Souce: Pinterest

Inspired by nature, orange pairs beautifully with all shades of green. Whether it’s a deep, rich green for a bold effect or a mossy or olive green for a softer touch, this combination radiates sophistication.

The similar energy levels of orange and green create a harmonious balance, offering a look that feels both comforting and familiar. Feel free to explore this unique pairing for a refreshing and unexpected ensemble.

2. Orange and Gray

Orange and Gray
Orange and Gray, Souce: Pinterest

Gray, known for its classic and traditional appeal, takes on a new life when paired with orange. The seriousness of gray finds a playful companion in orange, injecting a burst of energy into the otherwise neutral tone.

Whether you choose an all-gray outfit with a pop of orange or incorporate an orange accessory into a gray ensemble, this combination is timeless, elegant, and pleasantly surprising.

3. Orange and Brown

Orange and Brown
Orange and Brown, Souce: Pinterest

As the seasons transition from spring or summer to fall, orange seamlessly blends with various brown tones, including camel.

This familiar combination exudes warmth and comfort, making it a perfect choice, especially for those with red hair. The richness of orange paired with the earthy tones of brown creates a timeless look that’s both captivating and inviting.

4. Orange and Red

Orange and Red
Orange and Red, Souce: Pinterest

Reflecting the fiery moments found in nature, pairing orange with red creates a dynamic and eye-catching combination.

Explore the spectrum of reds, from warm to cool tones, to find the perfect match with your chosen shade of orange. This bold combination will make a statement, drawing attention and adding a vibrant touch to your overall look.

5. Orange and Blue

Orange and Blue
Orange and Blue, Souce: Pinterest

Drawing inspiration from the daytime sky, the pairing of orange and blue strikes a balance between vibrancy and calmness.

The energetic orange finds harmony with the soothing blue, making this combination suitable for various occasions. Easily incorporate blue into your wardrobe through denim or other accessories for an effortlessly stylish look that feels both familiar and unexpected.

6. Orange and Navy/Black

Orange and Navy/Black
Orange and Black, Souce: Pinterest

Transitioning into the evening, orange pairs exquisitely with midnight blue, navy, and even black. Whether you prefer the playful Halloween vibe with black or the sophisticated allure of navy, this combination is both unexpected and elegant.

Experiment with different proportions to create a look that suits your style, whether it’s a bold statement or a more subtle touch.

7. Orange and White

Orange and White
Orange and White, Souce: Pinterest

For a light and refreshing aesthetic, pair orange with white. Achieve balance by experimenting with different ratios, such as an orange accessory with an all-white outfit.

This combination, reminiscent of flowers and foliage in nature, is both timeless and beautiful. Embrace the freshness of orange and white for a look that radiates natural elegance.

8. Orange and Purple

What Colours Go With Orange Clothes - Orange and Purple
Orange and Purple, Souce: Pinterest

Orange and purple are a less common but striking combination that conveys confidence and sophistication.

Purple’s regal feeling is beautifully balanced by the youthful energy of orange, resulting in a statement-making look.

This pairing is perfect for those who love experimenting with color and want to make a bold fashion statement that stands out.


Incorporating these color combinations into your wardrobe allows you to explore the versatility and beauty of orange while creating unique and expressive looks for various occasions.

These combinations provide countless opportunities to accentuate your style, regardless of your preference for bold or classic looks.

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