What is Terylene Fabric?

Last Updated on July 26, 2023

The synthetic material Terylene is found in many household products. However, it is known to many consumers under the name lavsan. Most often, this term can be seen on the labels of clothing items. You will learn from this article what Modern Terylene is, what kind of fabric it is, and for what purposes it is produced.

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The History of the Appearance of the Material Terylene

The answer to the question about terylene – what kind of tissue is it, is easiest to find in the scientific works of chemical technologists. During the years of the rapid development of the chemical industry, scientists researched polymers. 

British scientists in 1943 synthesized a solid substance with good viscosity, which they named polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and for general use – terylene, translated as “textile fiber.” A few years later, research in the USSR got a similar result. 

For the name of the material, they took the first letters of the institute where they obtained it.

Terylene is a thermoplastic known under various trade names: in France, it is Tergal; in Germany, it is Trevira; and in the USA, it is Dacron.

is terylene a good fabric?

Yes, terylene is a good fabric. It is a type of polyester fabric known for its durability, wrinkle resistance, and ease of care. Terylene is commonly used in clothing, upholstery, and home textiles due to its versatility and strength.

what is terylene made of: Composition and Properties

Its composition will help you better understand what fabric terylene is. Oil refining products (dimethyl terephthalate and ethylene glycol) are used in production. When these chemicals interact, polyester fibers are formed, from which a strong thread is obtained, and the material is made.


The main property is elasticity. That’s what terylene is in the composition of the fabric. The fibers from the loom and collected into bundles resemble wool in appearance but win in wear resistance.

The product is typed:

  • Resistant to sunlight
  • Do not shed
  • Do not stretch
  • Do not wrinkle
  • Not afraid of high temperatures

disadvantages of terylene

They are hard, and after washing, their size does not decrease. Unlike natural wool, terylene retains its shape and novelty for a long time and is not damaged by moths and mold.

Polymers dominate the composition of the terylene fabric, so it practically does not absorb moisture. Special dyes and technologies are used for coloring.

The disadvantages of terylene include electrification, flaking at the seams, and the inability to remove heat. 

A significant disadvantage: This fabric sometimes causes skin irritation and allergies. That is, it harms the body.

Scope of Terylene – terylene fabric uses


In its pure form, terylene, like fabric, is not used in the textile industry. It is added to various natural fibers to increase strength. It turns out to be a mixed material from which you can sew clothes, household textiles, and items for special purposes:

  1. Business trousers, skirts, jackets;
  2. Evening dresses;
  3. Costumes for stage performances;
  4. Raincoats, jackets;
  5. Curtains;
  6. Sail;
  7. Tents;
  8. Warm jersey.

Clothing made from terylene is loved by many. Thanks to its ease of cleaning. It can be washed in the machine on a fast setting, dried, and put on without even ironing. For busy people, this property has become decisive when choosing a wardrobe.

You can use this polyester fiber to make artificial fur, sewing, surgical threads, ropes, packaging materials, and bottles.

Features of Care

Polyester added to woolen, linen, and cotton threads simplify the care of products. Reviews about things made from mixed fabrics are mostly positive: convenience, durability, and pleasant appearance. 

Some stiffness is characteristic of terylene, so the clothes tolerate washing in an automatic machine well and do not deform.

It is easy to care for terylene if you just remember the following recommendations:

  • No pre-soaking is required
  • Hand wash at 30ºc preferred
  • Use liquid detergents
  • It is forbidden to bleach
  • Select the delicate spin mode
  • Dry under a canopy in a straightened form
  • Iron from the inside out by turning the iron regulator to the first notch

Traditional lavsan and terylene fabrics continue to be in demand, but improved modern types of synthetics have already replaced them. The buyer can use deep knowledge about terylene – what kind of fiber it is. Choose clothes based on polyester fibers if you need a thing that will not deteriorate after the first wash.

How to Wash a Product From Terylene?

To remove dirt from lavsan, you must try because the matter is resistant to various loads. But still, vigilance can be recovered because other types of fibers added to polyester threads may not differ in such endurance. Here is how it is recommended to wash terylene when dirty:

  • Both hand and machine washing is acceptable at a temperature of 600C-650C
  • It is impossible to boil terylene products
  • Do not use detergents containing alkaline salts
  • It is forbidden to use chlorine bleaches
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when washing items made of mixed terylene

It is easy to dry Polyethylene terephthalate products in natural conditions. Do not use hangers, but carefully hang on a rope. It is better to unscrew at 800 rpm.

How Do Iron Things From Terylene?

Usually, terylene clothes do not wrinkle, but if unsightly wrinkles appear, it is better to know how to iron terylene to maintain the clothes. The rules are as follows:

  • Ironing is performed through a piece of cotton fabric;
  • Iron temperature not more than 1500C
  • Do not stretch when ironing;
  • Take into account the characteristics of additional fibers in the composition.

If you follow the basic rules of care, a thing made of terylene will last more than 10-years without losing its strength.

People also ask – FAQ

Is Terylene a Good Material?

Yes, terylene is a strong fiber. It’s elastic and doesn’t wrinkle easily. Besides, Terylene dries rapidly and is simple to wash.

Is Terylene the Same as Polyester?

Terylene is one kind of polyester. It is generally known as polyester when we use it as a fiber in clothing.

Is Terylene a Natural Fabric?

No, Terylene is a synthetic fiber. It is a polyester fiber produced by ethylene glycol (polymerizing), which comes from petroleum and terephthalic acid. Scientist J. R. Whinfield was the first person to make it in 1941.

Is Terylene Waterproof?

Yes, terylene is entirely waterproof.

Is Terylene Good for Summer?

Since Terylene is a synthetic fiber, so it is unsuitable for summer. This synthetic fiber can not absorb sweat well for its poor absorbing quality.

Is Terylene Fabric Stretchy?

Yes, it Terylene Fabric is a bit stretchy.

What is the Difference Between Cotton and Terylene?

The main difference between cotton and Terlene is cotton is a natural fabric, and terylene is a synthetic polyester. 


Terylene fabrics are synthetic fibers often used in clothing and other textiles. They are also polyester or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fiber. Terylene fabrics are commonly found in hard-wear clothes like dresses and fleece jackets.

Terylene fabrics are widely used in various textile industries because they are durable, strong, lightweight, and resistant to fading. They are also hypoallergenic and stain-resistant. 

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