When to Wear Cocktail Dress, Short & Long Dresses

Last Updated on December 22, 2022

What and when to wear a cocktail dress, short or long dresses: This doubt assails many women, especially when they are faced with an invitation to a completely unusual event. Such as a gala party, an awards ceremony, or a special dinner in a high-rise place.

When to Wear Cocktail Dress

Everyone’s fear is either to go overboard, appearing in a long dress full of rhinestones or to fall short with the classic short black dress that everyone has in the closet.

Well, we have dived into the rules of the protocol to find out what the keys to clothing are on those days when a special event that we are not used to surprising us on the list.

When to Wear Cocktail Dress, Short or Long Dresses

When to Wear Cocktail Dress

The first item that we must take into account is if the event organizers ask for something. Perhaps in the invitation, they point out that you should go in the dress code, with your head covered or in a cocktail dress. In that case, we must scrupulously follow the protocol.

It may be that whoever started the event has not made an open request of what they want to be done, but that does not exempt us from studying well what to wear, because you have to be right anyway.

When is It Time to Wear Cocktail Dress?

It can be worn both day & night, for events that require a certain etiquette. Both the fabric and its cut must be of quality and breathe elegance. If the event is in the morning, it can be accompanied by a hat and, if it is in the afternoon, by a headdress.

When is It Time to Wear Cocktail Dress

Of course, neither headdresses nor hats are removed at any time during the event, not even when we are indoors. They are removed when you get home, once everything is finished. If we anticipate that we may be uncomfortable, it is better to choose another decoration.

We will choose a cocktail dress for weddings, baptisms, communions, important meals, and events of a certain magnitude. We can invest a little more in a different bag, more elegant, with rhinestones and other decorations.

When is It Time to Wear a Short Dress?

Women wear short dresses only in daytime events, considered half- dress. They require a certain amount of formality but not so much as to wear a cocktail dress or a long one.

Maybe it’s a business lunch, an awards show in the morning, or an opening. Of course, that it is a short dress does not mean that it is a miniskirt. The skirt should reach the knee or a little higher, but not much.

When is It Time to Wear a Short Dress

It’s better consistently to decide in favor of caution, and for this reason, we recommend flattering but low-risk cuts, a bit fashionable but not very trendy. A matching handbag and high heels must accompany them.

When is It Time to Wear a Long Dress?

Only and exclusively at night and in high-profile events. Perhaps it is the typical dress that we never wear, or at most, on occasion, since it is normal not to have this type of event.

When is It Time to Wear a Long Dress

This type of garment is characterized by being very elegant and highlighting the woman. We must choose colors and cuts that favor us, beyond fashions and trends.


Of course, be careful with finishing like a Christmas tree if the dress is showy, better an elegant and discreet hair, small jewels, and matching shoes. Please do not wear it all, because sinning excessively in an important celebration is terrible.

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