Where Can I Use a Sewing Machine for Free? – (Tips)

Last Updated on September 24, 2023

Sewing is a valuable skill that allows you to create, repair, and upcycle clothing and fabric items. Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore the world of sewing or an experienced seamstress, access to a sewing machine is essential.

Where Can You Use a Sewing Machine for Free


  • You can use sewing machines for free or very cheap in your community.
  • Look at places like libraries, community centers, and schools.
  • Ask friends or family if they have a sewing machine you can use.
  • Join online sewing groups for help and tips.
  • Sewing should be fun and not expensive, so explore these options to get started!

But what if you don’t own one or can’t afford to buy your own? Fortunately, there are places where you can use a sewing machine for free or at a minimal cost.

Where Can I Use a Sewing Machine for Free?

You can use sewing machines for free at places like libraries, community centers, and schools, or you can ask friends and family if they have one to borrow. Online sewing groups also offer helpful advice and tips.

Where Can I Use a Sewing Machine for Free

Here, we’ll explore various options for finding free sewing machine access in your community.

1. Local Libraries

Your local library may be an unexpected source of free sewing machine use. Many libraries like GeorgiaLibraries, have begun offering sewing machines as part of their maker space or creative resources.

These machines are often available for use by library cardholders. Check with your local library to see if they have sewing machines available and inquire about their policies and availability.

2. Community Centers

Community centers often have sewing rooms equipped with sewing machines for community members to use. These centers aim to foster creativity and skill development among residents.

Some community centers may offer sewing classes or open sewing hours. These spaces are great for socializing with fellow sewing enthusiasts while honing your craft.

3. Maker Spaces and Fab Labs

Maker spaces and fabrication laboratories, commonly known as fab labs, are collaborative workspaces equipped with various tools and equipment, including sewing machines.

While some maker spaces charge a membership fee, others offer open access during specific hours. These facilities provide an excellent opportunity to explore various creative projects beyond sewing.

4. Nonprofit Organizations

Several nonprofit organizations are dedicated to promoting sewing and crafting skills within their communities.

They often offer free or low-cost sewing classes and access to sewing machines. Some well-known organizations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army have sewing programs, so it’s worth checking with local chapters or affiliates for sewing resources.

5. Sewing Co-ops

Sewing cooperatives or co-ops are community-driven initiatives where members pool their resources to share sewing equipment, materials, and knowledge.

These groups are often established by local sewing enthusiasts who want to create a supportive sewing community.

A quick online search or inquiry within your local crafting community may lead you to a nearby sewing co-op.

6. Schools and Universities

Many educational institutions, such as schools and universities, have sewing facilities as part of their home economics or fashion programs.

Some may allow community members to access these facilities during non-instructional hours or offer continuing education courses in sewing.

7. Friends and Family

Sometimes, your own network can be a valuable resource. Friends or family members who own sewing machines may be willing to let you borrow or use their machines for free or in exchange for a small favor. Don’t hesitate to ask around and see if anyone in your circle can help you out.

8. Online Sewing Communities

In today’s digital age, online sewing communities connect sewing enthusiasts worldwide. While this doesn’t provide access to a physical sewing machine, these communities can provide excellent advice, tutorials, and support for sewing projects.

Consider joining forums, Facebook pages or Groups, or sewing-related websites to connect with others who share your passion.


Access to a sewing machine shouldn’t be a barrier to pursuing your sewing projects and creative aspirations. By exploring the options listed above, you can find places in your community where you can use a sewing machine for free or at a minimal cost.

Whether it’s through your local library, community center, or a sewing co-op, these resources can help you unleash your creativity and develop your sewing skills without breaking the bank.

So, go ahead and start sewing, and remember that the journey can be just as rewarding as the finished product. Happy sewing!

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