Janome 500e vs. 550e – What is the Difference?

Last Updated on September 7, 2023

Janome 500e vs. 550e: The most significant distinction is the 550e’s larger hoop size, which provides more space for your embroidery projects. This is especially useful for those working on larger projects or running a business requiring a larger embroidery area.

Janome 500e vs. 550e
Image Source: Amazon, Canva

While the 550e is the newer version in the Memory Craft series, the 500e has proven its reliability over the years, making it a tough competitor. So let’s jump into the differences.

Janome Memory Craft 500E

The Memory Craft 500E is an excellent choice for designers looking to add a personal touch to their home decor items, garments, and accessories. With 160 built-in embroidery designs and 6 fonts for monogramming, this machine offers a wide range of creative options. The MC500E boasts a maximum embroidery size of 7.9″x11″ and includes 4 embroidery hoops and an extra-wide table for a spacious work area.

Janome Memory Craft 500E
Janome Memory Craft 500E
Source: Amazon

Importing and editing designs is a breeze thanks to the machine’s advanced on-screen editing functions and USB compatibility. The new LCD color touchscreen further enhances navigation, making the Memory Craft 500E a user-friendly and versatile embroidery machine for all your creative needs.

Janome memory craft 550E

The Janome Memory Craft 550E is an impressive upgrade from its predecessor, the 500E, featuring a full-color display screen and an extra-large embroidery field for more creative possibilities. This versatile machine lets users operate it from a Windows PC or transfer designs via a USB stick.

Janome memory craft 550E
Janome memory craft 550E
Source: Amazon

With 180 built-in embroidery designs, including classic, floral alphabets, in-the-hoop monsters, and Sashiko designs, along with 6 fonts, the 550E offers endless customization options. The package also includes an extra-wide extension table and four embroidery hoops, making it a fantastic choice for embroidery enthusiasts looking for a feature-rich and user-friendly machine.

Janome 500e vs. 550e – What is the difference between Janome 500e and 550e?

The main difference between the Janome 500e and 550e is the additional larger hoop size that comes with the 550e. The largest hoop for the 500e is the smaller one in the front, while the 550e comes with a huge 8×14 hoop.

500e hoop vs. 550e hoop
Image Source: Amazon, Janome, Canva

This larger hoop allows for more space to embroider, which can be particularly useful for larger projects or businesses that require more embroidery area.

The 550e is also the newer version of the Memory Craft series, which could imply potential improvements in technology or features. However, the user mentioned that their 500e has been reliable for years, and they were able to use it for many years without feeling limited by the hoop size.


In conclusion, the upgrade from the Janome 500e to the 550e is worth considering if you need additional embroidery space from the larger hoop. If you don’t need that extra space and your current 500e is reliable, upgrading may not be necessary. It ultimately depends on your personal needs and preferences.

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